Payton Perspective: Lewis, Davis for Antioch School Board, Crowder for County School Board

The Herald recommends Dr. Clyde Lewis, Jr., Jim Davis and John Crowder for election.

If we ever want to make things better in Antioch and our county, now is the time to elect strong leaders in education and fiscally responsible leaders, as well. If we keep electing the same kind of people over and over, who are backed by the insiders and/or employees’ unions, we’re only going to get the same results. We need to vote for candidates who will represent the parents and taxpayers, and truly put the interests of the students, first. We have three candidates from Antioch running to represent Antioch who will do just that. Two for the Antioch School Board and one for the County School Board who stand out above the crowd.


One candidate for the Antioch School Board in this year’s election stands out above all others, and that’s Dr. Clyde Lewis, Jr. Not only has he earned a master’s degree and doctorate in education, and has been a teacher, he works in education, as well. As a plus, his children attend Antioch public schools. So, he has a personal stake in ensuring they improve. Please vote for him.


Jim Davis has served Antioch as the mayor and councilmember, and is now serving as the interim, appointed City Treasurer. Having worked in banking his entire career, Jim understands finances. He recently worked for a contractor to the Antioch school district on an energy analysis program and was able to help them save over $2 million dollars. At a time the district is experiencing declining enrollment and the resultant decline in revenue, Antioch needs a fiscal watchdog on the school board. Jim Davis is that person. While there is no conflict of interest in him serving both on the board and as City Treasurer, and being retired, he has the time, it is my hope that if he’s elected to the school board, he won’t run for election as City Treasurer in 2020.


I’ve known John Crowder for over 20 years, since he was my son’s chess coach in elementary school. I’ve witnessed his commitment to educating students in Antioch.

He’s run a successful private academy in Antioch, and the very successful after school, Math Intensive program for students in the Antioch School District, helping advance them several grades in a matter of months.

The district he’s running to represent includes parts of Antioch.

John is for school choice, unlike his opponent, incumbent Mike Maxwell who has voted against every charter school that’s come before the board. We need to replace him with John Crowder.

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3 Comments to “Payton Perspective: Lewis, Davis for Antioch School Board, Crowder for County School Board”

  1. Well written. Thank you for sharing. All three sound solid. I know Lewis & Davis. They’re each in good company. Way to go Antioch, CA! Always a blessing when you have a set of quality candidates.

    All the best from Singapore

    We voted before leaving. All the best.
    Robert N Johnson
    ACommon1 Citizen
    Hao ren

  2. angry tax payer says:

    With Mr.Davis having a son who works for the district, would it be a conflict for him to rule on pay and benefits for district employees?
    More nepotism?

  3. Jim Davis says:

    Why would it be a conflict if I removed my self from that vote, which I would?
    Some elected officials do have integrity.
    Same question to another candidate who’s son is a High School Principal in AUSD
    Also, should an endorsement from the same Unions you will be voting on pay and benefits increases also be a conflict of interest?

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