Letters: Writer says letter to President Trump on illegal immigration had impact


In June we mailed a letter to President Trump regarding some ideas and suggestions as to what needs to be done regarding the illegal immigrants unauthorized entries into the U.S.  It included the suggested taking away of the U.S. Foreign Aid from those Latin American countries who have done nothing to stop the illegals and they’re actually enabling them in their quests to enter the U.S. by any means.

About four weeks ago we received a written letter from the President himself wherein he mentioned his immigration policy positions. Just this past week he went on air and to the news media and stated that he was in fact going to take away those countries’ U.S. Foreign Aid if they continued to do nothing about the migrants’ course and efforts to enter the U.S. (as we had recommended to him back in our June letter).

We are honored that the President himself took our advice and has included it as part of his policy in dealing with the invasions by these illegal immigrants bent on invading American come hell or high water! We are proud to say that he listened, accepted our advice, and has acted upon our advice in order to protect us all.

We point out that our own City, Mayor and Council Members over these past two years have refused to listen or even act upon our sound advice, but not the President himself. Antioch has been ill served by our alleged public servants and elected officials, to the detriment of our community and public at large. That is also why we say that they should be ashamed of themselves and why the public cannot trust them either regarding what they say in pressing for Measure W’s passage (the Sales Tax increase they want). They are again fooling the public!

Thank you, President Trump for listening and taking our advice, when our own City officials just ignore its citizens and do not care! A couple of devoted Antioch residents at least have been heard at the highest level of government when needed in these troubled times to our country!

Ralph and Norma Hernandez


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4 Comments to “Letters: Writer says letter to President Trump on illegal immigration had impact”

  1. julie says:

    Really? Norma and Ralph Hernandez? These two are about as crazy as the president. Don’t they know that the president didn’t actually write that response himself. One of Trump’s many assistants wrote that response. Trump’s signature is not real either, it is a stamp. Gees, I thought the Herald would have, at least, called in a hand writing specialist to validate Trumps’ signiture . . . . the specialist would have told you in a matter of seconds that the “signature” was nothing more than a stamp.

    • Publisher says:

      Thank you for reading the Herald and taking the time to comment.

      As someone who worked in DC as an intern for then-U.S. Senator Pete Wilson, and used the autopen machine to sign letters that were approved by a top staffer, to be sent to constituents, usually in response to letters from them, I can say that most likely it’s not a stamp. But, rather his official signature written using an autopen. Whether or not President Trump actually read the Hernandezes’ letter, someone on his staff in a position of authority did and authorized the letter in response.

      As a side note, I only saw Senator Wilson’s real signature once, during the four months I was an intern in Fall of 1985, and out of all 26 interns in the office, I was one of three who had regular contact with him, as one who worked in Admin, and one of two who drove him around. Letters of a more personal nature to people he knew or such as birthday wishes to people turning 100 years old, were signed by his secretary using his name. (I had to laugh once when I saw her do that because it looked more like his official signature than the autopen!) The one time I actually saw his signature was when he signed for the parking at Dulles International Airport after I had picked him up late, one night and drove him to his home near Capitol Hill.

      Perhaps, and most likely, Ralph and Norma Hernandez aren’t the only ones to suggest that idea to the President and his staff. But, the bottom line is he proposed pretty much the same idea and it demonstrates that he and his staff are listening to the American people who write.

      But, even if President Trump’s signature on the letter was from just a stamp, it was stamped there with permission (maybe by a low-level staffer or intern, like I was) under the authority of someone who has it to be placed and mailed out on White House letterhead.

      Allen D. Payton
      Editor & Publisher

  2. Ralph A. Hernandez says:

    Wow what a nutcase would say! What proof does Ju-lie have to back up what she claims? Even her name has a “lie” in it (Ju-lie).

    We do support President Trump’s effortts to stem the tide against these thousands of unauthorized immigrants invading America and trying to impose their wills upon us here. Why should they dictate to the U.S. who and what we have to accept from other countries’ residents? We don’t and will not. Just what gives them the right to get at the front of the waiting lines for entry without taking a number and meeting the established requirements?

    Ju-lie should appreciate that President Trump is trying to keep America safe and financially strong, but obviously does not care. It is an honor that the President has included our ideas/suggestions in his immigration policies, layed out his intentions, and clearly said the other countries’ financial Foreign Aid from America has requirements for them to meet, or else. There are hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. America must not be merely as their Santa Clause of money gifts!

    Ju-lie and they others like her are entitled to have differing opinions but to just attempt to destroy and condemn moving forward is insanity at its best. They need to have themselves checked for possible mental issues they may not even realize. Then again it could be just some drug-infused delirium or ticks in their psych.

    A lie is a lie, and Ju-lie needs to submit her assumed proof of what she claims. I believe that her personal undisclosed agenda may be contrary to benefiting our community and just her and her associates to realize with more taxes. She needs help, obviously. I am willing to see her proof and consider it. Otherwise I am moving forward, thank you very much!

  3. Loretta Sweatt says:

    It’s a nice letter and I’m glad you’re proud to have received it. We received a letter from the President too; it was a different subject but we were just as proud, felt just as important, and believed that however the response letter came to us, it was by authority of the President originally.

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