Antioch Police Department adds another officer to the force

Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks administers the oath of office to new Officer Devon Wenger-Gomez as friends and family members look on, Monday, July 30, 2018. Photos by APD.

Chief Brooks and Officer Wenger-Gomez.

Posted on the Antioch Police Department Facebook page Monday, July 30, 2018:

“Today, we welcome lateral officer Devon Wenger-Gomez. Devon was born in Walnut Creek and grew up in the East Bay. He graduated from Freedom High School in 2010.

After graduation, Devon enlisted in the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan. When Devon returned from deployment, he served with the Fort Drum Special Reaction Team as an entry team member and sniper. To this day, Devon continues to serve our Country with the California National Guard.

Devon put himself through the Santa Rosa Junior College Police Academy and was hired by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff.

Devon is grateful that he has transitioned to The Antioch Police Department and is excited to serve the community that he grew up in.

A fun fact about Devon is that he is a huge Star Wars “nerd” and has a Boba Fett tattoo. He loves going to Comic- Con with his family. Devon and his mom are both huge Star Wars fans and she’s the one who introduced him to a galaxy far, far away!”

That keeps the total number of sworn officers on the force at 95, because “We had an officer resign, last Friday, explained Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks.

That’s a net increase of six officers from the city’s Measure C half-cent sales tax which passed in 2013. A total of 22 additional officers were committed from the tax increase revenue, when there were 89 on the force and paid for by the city’s general fund budget.

“I’m hoping to make some good progress in the next few months, he continued. We have three graduating the academy in September, another one in November, and two laterals in the hiring process, right now. Plus, we have two that just started the police academy yesterday. But they won’t graduate until January of 2019.”

“Hiring is a true priority for me,” Brooks stated. “We just need to find someone not only capable of working at our pace, but willing as well.”

“It’s a hard sell to say come work for me, I can pay you the same as those other agencies, I’m just gonna work you twice as hard,” he said with a laugh. “But on the positive side, our department has a great reputation, the camaraderie is unmatched, and we really have the support of the vast majority of our community.”

“For me it’s about pride. I’m proud to be Antioch PD. Always have been. And always will be. And I try to instill that in our employees,” Brooks shared. “Getting young recruits like Wenger, who grew up and have family here, those are the ones who I see a great deal of success with, in the long run.”

Allen Payton contributed to this report.

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