Secretary of State Candidate from Clayton, Mark Meuser to Kick-Off statewide #ElectionsMatter Bicycle Tour in Martinez Monday

Mark Meuser riding up Mt. Diablo as he prepares for his campaign’s statewide bicycle tour.

Mark Meuser, candidate for California Secretary of State, will be launching a statewide #ElectionsMatter Bicycle Tour, covering 5,000 miles and 100 rallies in all 58 counties, starting in Martinez, Calif., the county seat of his home county of Contra Costa on Monday, July 9.

The kick-off will begin with a rally at Ferry Point near the Martinez marina at noon. Meuser, an avid cyclist, will head to the northern part of the state such as Eureka and Redding, eventually concluding the bicycle tour in Huntington Beach on Thursday, August 23.

“We must take action to eliminate the potential for fraud in our elections in California,” Meuser said. “Right now, we have 11 counties that have more people registered to vote than are eligible. For example, in L.A. County they have 144% voter registration and in San Diego County they have 138% voter registration.”

“Because elections matter, we need someone who will actually follow the law. We need a new Secretary of State and that’s why I’m running,” he added.

The #ElectionsMatter Express will serve as the chase vehicle for the tour.

Meuser, is a Constitutional and election law attorney running to restore integrity and honesty to the election process in California. He has pledged to clean up the bloated voter rolls by removing those who have died, moved, are registered more than once, or are ineligible to register and vote.

Look for the #ElectionsMatter Express and Mark riding his bicycle, as they roll through the state.

Meuser is available for further interview on this topic at each rally. Please contact Matt Shupe, Meuser’s communications director to book an interview at (415) 735-8491 or For more information about Mark Meuser’s #ElectionsMatter Bike Tour, please visit

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