Parking tips for Antioch BART riders


Our new BART to Antioch service has been a tremendous success this first week of service, which has meant parking demands in Antioch have exceeded the space available.

In the long term, we are exploring limited options to increase capacity.

In the short term, to ensure public safety, over the weekend we plan to block access to illegal parking in the field across the street from the station.

This step is being taken due to the fire danger as the field is dry and hot engines can spark a fire.

Blocking access is also meant to prevent drivers from parking in Slatten Ranch Road bike lanes.

Tips for parkers: the parking lot at Pittsburg Center Station did not fill up this week.

Pittsburg/Bay Point didn’t fill up until much later than it did before the extension opened and at 10 am, there were still open spots.

Carpooling to Antioch with Scoop is also an option because it guarantees a space before 10 am, allowing users to be flexible with their schedule.

In addition, TriDeltaTransit reconfigured many of their routes to accommodate BART riders.

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