Antioch hires new Animal Services director

New Antioch Animal Services Manager, George Harding IV. Photo courtesy of APD.

By Allen Payton

At the April 10, 2018 Antioch City Council meeting, Police Chief Tammany Brooks introduced George W. Harding, IV, the new manager for Antioch Animal Services.

Harding has been in the animal care and control field for 24 years. Most recently he was the Executive Director of the National Animal Care & Control Association (NACCA), and prior to that, spent 19 years as the Manager of Animal Control for the City of Lee’s Summit Police Department. George holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation Enforcement, and a Master of Business Administration degree. George is also a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) by the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators (SAWA).

“I’m glad we were able to steal him away from NACCA,” Brooks said. “He’s had a busy week, getting married, honeymoon and packing up to relocate from San Diego.”

Throughout his career, George has been very active in representing animal care and control professionals on the national, regional and state levels. He served 12 years on the Missouri Animal Control Association Board of Directors, with two terms as President, one as Vice-President, and one as the Conference Coordinator. George is also a past NACA Board Member, a past Board Member for the Missouri Department of Agriculture Animal Care Facilities Act Advisory Committee, and was appointed by Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon, as a member of the Missouri Spay/Neuter Fund Board.

George currently serves as an Advisor to the Shelter Animals Count Board, as the leader of the animal care and control On-Point Committee for SAWA, and as a Board Member of the National Coalition on Violence Against Animals (NCOVAA).

“I’m excited to be here,” Harding said. “I’m looking forward to putting my 24 years’ experience in the industry to the test here in Antioch.”

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George Harding IV

8 Comments to “Antioch hires new Animal Services director”

  1. Jeffrey L Conway says:

    Welcome to Antioch, sir. There is plenty of trash here that own Pit Bulls. It should keep you busy.

    • Jaclyn Childs says:

      People are not trash and Pitbulls are one of the most loyal and loving dog breeds out there. People like you may be keeping him busy.

      • RJB says:


        I am deeply offended by your remarks. Are you blind? Haven’t you seen enough on the news about pitbulls mauling children in antioch?

        Pit bulls are loving? What a ridiculous ignorant thing to say.

        Something tells me you’re one of these owners that fit in the category of putting their neighbors in danger.

  2. RJB says:

    I agree with the whole pitbull trash owner comment. I’ve never seen a city with so many of both.

  3. Marty Fernandez says:

    I have had a dog killed by a pit bull in my own garage. They are violent nasty dogs. I have a friend whose leg was ripped apart downtown years ago by a pit bull. Children are maimed on a daily basis and killed by loving pit bulls. There are adults in jail because of their loving pit bulls. Yes RJB there are far too many running around my neighborhood with out a leash. I hope Mr. Harding will do something because the former boss of the animal shelter, Monica, would do nothing.

    • RJB says:

      Hello Marty

      I will be keeping a watchful eye on how Harding performs. After all, we as tax payers are the ones paying his very nice salary and benefits package, which I’m sure easily surpasses $100k a year.

      I’m tired of Antioch not doing anything about most issues that concern safety.

  4. Samantha Anderson says:
    1. Pit Bulls are commonly used as therapy dogs. Whether they are visiting a senior care facility or helping someone recover from an emotional accident, Pit Bulls are making a mark as outstanding therapy dogs.

    2. Pit Bulls are used in Search and Rescue work. One example of well known SAR Pit Bulls is Kris Crawford and her dogs. Kris and her dogs have helped save the lives of many people during their efforts.

    3. Pit Bulls serve as narcotic and bomb sniffing dogs. One Pit Bull, Popsicle (named that because he was found in an old freezer) has the largest recorded single drug find in Texas history.

    4. Pit Bulls are great with kids. They weren’t referred to as the “nanny’s dog” for nothing that’s for sure.

    5. Pit Bulls are not human aggressive. The American Pit Bull Terrier as a breed is not human aggressive. In fact, quite the opposite is true of the breed. They are gentle and loving dogs. Like any dog individuals can be unsound and have behavior problems.

    6. The Pit Bull was so popular in the early 1900’s they were our mascot not only in World War One, but World War Two as well. They were featured on recruiting and propoganda posters during this time period.

    7. Sgt. Stubby. A Pit Bull war hero. Stubby was wounded in action twice, he saved his entire platoon by warning them of a poison gas attack and he single handedly captured a German spy.

    8. Pete the Pup on the orginal Little Rascals was a Pit Bull.

    9. Pit Bulls score an 83.4% passing rate with the American Temperament Test Society. That’s better than the popular Border Collie (a breed who scores 79.6%).

    10. They are dogs not killing machines.

    You claim Pitbulls are the problem and they are killers, they are nasty, and they are violent, but have you ever thought maybe people are the monsters. Most Pitbulls are abused, neglected, and end up in shelters, because of people and you sit there and blame them. Quite frankly your comments just come to show that you are uneducated on the breed and have no idea what you are talking about. I have a Pitbull and can say he is the most wonderful, kind, loving, sweet dog, and he has the biggest heart. I guess dogs are better than people. Oh and go ahead and look up statistics about Pitbulls, just take a look at what you find. Maybe it will help you educate yourself, remember always do your research. You are the reason BSL is still going on today and tearing families apart.

    • RJB says:


      “I guess dogs are better than people”

      Thanks for proving where your priorities are. I for one will always value human life over an animal’s and especially over a kid’s life. Oh, let me guess, your deaf ears and blind eyes didn’t see the the news about kids being mauled in Antioch. Obviously. Marty’s loss and friend’s injury doesn’t concern you either.

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