Couple sees what appears to be a UFO over Antioch Wednesday morning

Antioch resident, Paris Price and her fiancé witnessed and took a video of what appeared to be a UFO over Antioch, early Wednesday morning, April 3.

“I feel a little weird doing this but, I’ve never experienced something so fascinating,” she wrote. “I was referred to find an editor to see if anyone else can come forward to this event. Or have witnessed similar experiences in our area. The object came close in contact nearly landing while my fiancé was driving. It was no ball of light up close. I know what I saw. Happened Tuesday (night, Wednesday morning) at 12 AM around Country Hills and Deerfield.

Did anyone else see the phenomenon? 

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Antioch UFO 04-03-18
Antioch UFO 04-03-18

7 Comments to “Couple sees what appears to be a UFO over Antioch Wednesday morning”

  1. RJB says:

    Lmao. Only in good ‘ol Antioch.

  2. Brandon says:

    I’m not sure what that is. I seen the same thing in January. There was the exact same thing spotted in 2011 also in Antioch. Described as the Antioch fireball. It might be some sort of balloon or it’s some weird object that i can’t identify. The one I witnessed lasted around 3 to 4 min and I too have video. It changed direction and speed. I’m not sure if it’s a alien but it’s unidentifiable

  3. Leslie May says:

    My daughter and I were sitting on our porch about February 2018 and we saw 2 bright objects hovering in the sky, toward the delta, above the houses. We are on W. 9th off A Street.

  4. Steve Nosanchuk says:

    LOL, as Don Henley said in one of his songs… “If they aint here yet, they aint commin”. And especially not to Antioch.

  5. JO says:

    I’m sure it had something to do with a crime in progress or police activity since that’s all that Antioch is known for these days.

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