Attempted armed robbery of Antioch jewelry store Friday morning

Inside Lauryn Jewelers. Photo from Yelp.

By Acting Lieutenant Rick Martin #3343, Antioch Police Field Services Bureau

On April 6, 2018, at approximately 10:41 a.m., the three males suspects were armed and attempted to rob the Lauryn  Jewelers store, located at 5887 Lone Tree Way in Antioch. As the suspects, a 16-year-old male from Pittsburg, and a 15-year-old male and 26-year-old male from Oakland, fled the store, the store clerk called 9-1-1 and provided a detailed description of the suspects and the vehicle they were driving.

An Antioch PD Officer located the vehicle on Highway 4 and a vehicle pursuit ensued. The pursuit ended when the suspect vehicle became disabled and stopped in the area of Highway 4 (bypass) and Fairview Avenue. The suspects fled on foot from the vehicle and into a nearby retirement community in the City of Brentwood. Antioch PD with the assistance of Brentwood PD and Pittsburg PD quickly established a perimeter in the neighborhood. All three suspects were located and taken into custody without further incident.

Anyone who may have information regarding the incident is encouraged to contact the Antioch Police Department at 925-778-2441. You may also text a tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using key word ANTIOCH.

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6 Comments to “Attempted armed robbery of Antioch jewelry store Friday morning”

  1. RJB says:

    Well their mistake was to head into Brentwood. The city of Brentwood actually takes crime and safety seriously. IMO they would have had a better chance of getting away free and clear if they stayed in Antioch.

    • Publisher says:

      It was an Antioch Police Office who pursued the suspects. The Brentwood and Pittsburg Police only assisted. Please re-read the article – “An Antioch PD Officer located the vehicle on Highway 4 and a vehicle pursuit ensued.”
      So, you can continue to bash Antioch all you want. But, the APD did their job. Perhaps, once in a while you can actually write something nice and give credit where it is due.
      Allen Payton

      • RJB says:

        Various times I’ve given credit to APD and their traffic enforcement and actually catching criminals after pulling them over.

        I think I’m right in my opinion that Brentwood’s assistance helped catch the perps.

  2. MSB says:

    Brentwood is less than half the population of Antioch, so naturally the crime rate would be less. The criminals were not from Antioch. The change in demographics in Brentwood is already happening,and there’s no turning back whether you like it or not RJB. Any town is East County has a potential for crime and if you feel safer in your town, you are just fooling yourself.

    • RJB says:

      MSB typical flawed logic form a person with a GED education. It’s crime per capita that absurd in Antioch.

      Next time do some homework before you post, MSG, or Whatever your name is.

      Furthermore my post has nothing to do with comparison of crime statistics between two cities. Geez got spell out everything to these ghetto Antioch crime supporters. So typical of someone that only wants to hear what they want to hear.

      Yeah the truth hurts.

  3. RJB says:

    Probably the reason why Antioch can’t attract more businesses because this city has a crime problem. A very serious crime problem that shows no sign of letting up.

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