Antioch, Deer Valley High boys’ volleyball season preview

By Jesus Cano

Antioch High

It is very safe to say that the Antioch Panthers want to put last season in the books, as the team went from BVAL champions, to not winning a single game.

Second year coach Mary Granado says that there is a huge attitude change between the team.

“The lack of egos this year has played a huge roll and allowed for open doors on growing together,” Granado said. “The boys have made huge strides in becoming a team and understanding what changes needed to be made for a more successful year.”

She also expects a growth in for every single player, so the development of team can be seen.

Termain High has been described to me the heart of the team with his strong ability to deliver big hits for the Panthers. Another hitter that has the size and strength is senior middle hitter Manny Mejia.

Mejia is part of the middle duo wit Kemar Carson, who according to Granado is a strong asset to the teams

Sophomore setter Timmy Luu stepped up big time last year for the Panthers, this year he has hit the ground running and continues to impress Granado.

Deer Valley High

The Wolverines have been one of the strongest programs in the past decade and is coming off a bounce-back season by claiming back its BVAL title.

Steve Evans has been in the program for seven years, and this year has been named to be under the helm of the Wolverines’ program

“I am really excited to be coaching the Varsity boys team,” said Evans. “I believe the boys have the talent to do very well in their league and expect them to go to the North Coast playoffs. The boys have a great work ethic with very supportive parents.”

Last year’s head coach Andrew Zollars remains on the staff.

Senior Erich Krueger is a four-year starter at the libero position, and played with some of Deer Valley’s best teams, but this year he has transitioned as an outside hitter.

Marc Reus lead the the league in assists with 967, which was a landslide, and along with Krueger, he’ll also have hitters Chris Pho and Justin Walters.

Walters is the returning player win the most kills from last with 168. Pho trails behind with 150.

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