Antioch Police arrest El Sobrante man for loaded gun, drugs Friday morning

Gun, magazine and bullets recovered from convicted felon from El Sobrante by Antioch Police, Friday, Jan. 12, 2018. Photos by APD

From APD Facebook page

In the early morning hours on Friday, Jan. 12, 2018, Antioch Police officers made contact with subjects in a vehicle at Jack’s Car wash in the 900 block of Fitzuren Road. As the officer first on scene began to drive away, the driver of the vehicle, a 34-year-old El Sobrante man, got out of his car and the officer heard something metal hit the ground.

When the officer re-contacted the man, he saw a firearm on the ground which was later determined to be loaded. The man was found to be a convicted felon, on community supervision, and he also had narcotics in his possession. He was later sent to county jail, and we were thankfully able to get another gun off the streets of our community!

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gun on ground

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6 Comments to “Antioch Police arrest El Sobrante man for loaded gun, drugs Friday morning”

  1. Rjb says:

    Criminals just love to be in Antioch.

  2. RJB says:

    I don’t know what it is but criminals are just drawn to Antioch. I wonder if it’s because criminals are able to get away with a lot in this city.

  3. RJB says:

    Criminals can go suck an egg and the same goes for their supporters.

  4. Interesting says:

    The most concerning thing is these thugs use Antioch as their playground. This is the norm. There is all but a welcome sign at the city limits. People have had it living with these idiots. They don’t have a brain I. Their head and just wreak havoc around the city. It is disgusting

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