CHP Officer struck by vehicle during traffic stop on eastbound Hwy 4, Monday night

The damaged motorcycle of a CHP Officer who was injured in a crash on eastbound Hwy 4, Monday night, Jan. 15, 2018. Screenshots from NBC Bay Area News report.

Three of the eight vehicles damaged by the three, chain-reaction crashes.

According to the CHP – Contra Costa Facebook page, “This evening at about 6:15 pm, one of our CHP Officers was involved in a traffic collision at SR-4 eastbound and Port Chicago Highway (in Concord). He suffered major injuries, non-life threatening, and was transported to a local hospital. The scene is still active for the investigation. We have no further details at this time, but we will advise when we do. Thank you.”

Further reports on NBC Bay Area TV Channel 3 News and ABC7 News he was a motorcycle officer, and an SUV flipped an landed on the officer including a broken leg. It set off a chain reaction including at least eight cars and three separate crashes. It backed up traffic on Highway 4 for miles.

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Hwy 4 CHP Motorcycle Officer crash

2 Comments to “CHP Officer struck by vehicle during traffic stop on eastbound Hwy 4, Monday night”

  1. Jed Clampett says:

    HWY 4 is always a SPEEDWAY – either direction between OAKLEY and PINOLE. I rarely see CHP or any other law enforcement officers out there on patrol. EVEN when driving TEN OVER the posted limit a person risks getting rear-ended by those jokers “flying” down the highway… some of whom abruptly change lanes so they won’t have to slow down.

  2. RJB says:

    Highway 4 on the Far East Bay side is one big danger zone. Hope you’re driving a tank because your life is in greater danger driving to and from here.

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