2018 Calendar released for Discover Diablo, Save Mount Diablo’s free public hikes series

Discover Diablo is Save Mount Diablo’s free public hike series program, offering an annual schedule of guided interpretive family walks, hikes and property tours open to any and all trail blazers looking to get out in nature. Generously sponsored by the Shell Martinez Refinery for a second year, the 2018 Discover Diablo Free Public Hike Series will begin in mid-January.

Hosted by Save Mount Diablo, the Discover Diablo program, now in its second year, continues to build awareness of local land conservation efforts and to convey the importance of protecting open space for habitat and recreation. Through this initiative, Save Mount Diablo intends to reach new audiences, build our membership base of adventurers, explorers and outdoor enthusiasts, spark a passion for the Diablo Range, and engender community conservation by deepening connections to the land and nature.

“We are pleased to sponsor this opportunity for people to explore and discover the beauty of Mount Diablo, a wonderful natural resource in our own backyard, with experienced guides,” said Ann Notarangelo, External Relations Manager for the Shell Martinez Refinery. “We hope that people will enjoy learning more about the diverse habitats and the striking vistas while spending time outside with their families and friends.”

We invite you to join us in exploring the Bay Area’s beautiful wild lands and open spaces. Discover Diablo offers two events per month for the entire year – either taking place on a Save Mount Diablo property or hosted on a collaborating agency’s land. Save Mount Diablo’s Family Walks are for hikers of all skill levels and will take place on other portions of open space on and around the mountain. Save Mount Diablo’s Property Tours will illustrate the importance of preserving wildlife habitat, building corridors between existing parks, and of course, all the beauty that the Diablo Range has to offer. We hope that with two events per month in various locations, there will be something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

To honor Save Mount Diablo’s mission, we aim to display both our current property holdings as well as those we have helped protect over the years. Hosting monthly hikes is an effective way to engage and grow communities invested in the sustainability of local open space. SMD properties aren’t usually open to the public, so these are rare opportunities.

To complete the land conservation picture in the Diablo Range and pay homage to collaborating agencies, we also host monthly outings on Mount Diablo State Park, East Bay Regional Park District, and Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation lands. Discover Diablo ties these outings together by offering an annual schedule of free public hikes to explore these diverse lands – with the added bonus of being guided by knowledgeable staff and experienced volunteer hike leaders.

According to Ted Clement, Executive Director of Save Mount Diablo, “It is the goal of the Discover Diablo program to build connections between people, Save Mount Diablo, and the land, helping communities develop a strong sense of place and a deepened appreciation for our collective backyard. Most importantly, we want to cultivate a love of the land in participants – so as to grow the land ethic and stewardship for our precious Mount Diablo area.”

We intend to reach audiences from all over the Bay Area to improve awareness of and advocacy efforts for the Diablo Range. There is something for us all to discover in the nooks and crannies surrounding Mount Diablo. Please join us on the trails to find your own individual inspiration!

RSVP required. See our full schedule of upcoming hikes: http://bit.ly/Discover-Diablo-Hikes-Calendar

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