Transient suspected in Antioch arsons arrested, charged Wednesday with five counts

The damage to the interior of the building that housed Paula’s Family Florist on A Street in Antioch. Herald file photo

Contra Costa County Fire Investigators have made an arson arrest in Antioch for several recent fires.

37-year-old José Luis Gomes, a transient living in Antioch, was arrested on December 22, 2017, and was charged yesterday, December 27, 2017, with one count of attempted arson, and four counts of arson to a structure. He is suspected of starting a fire at Paula’s Family Florist shop, and three churches, all in a small geographic area around the A Street corridor.

Other similar fires in the area are still under investigation.

4 Comments to “Transient suspected in Antioch arsons arrested, charged Wednesday with five counts”

  1. Lee Taylor says:

    Well done. Please continue to remove this type of element from our community.

  2. RJB says:

    These types are attracted towards all the free stuff Antioch gives to the transients and homeless.

    • GitAClue says:

      RJB if you’re going to try, and be funny at least know what you are saying. Transients is a synonym of homeless. What free stuff is Antioch giving homeless people, that any other city isn’t giving?

      • Rjb says:

        Transient is a passerby homeless that moves from city to city. A homeless is without a home but stays within the city. Next time learn the difference and learn how to use properly use commas.

        Also, there are several free adult education GED programs through east county you may find helpful. You can do some reading about that and all the free stuff Antioch provides to the homeless and or transients.

        Gotta loooove good ‘ol Antioch.

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