Movie filmed in Antioch during the summer to air on TV Dec. 28

Actor Zack Gold is the main character in the movie Psycho Brother-In-Law filmed in Antioch last summer.

Some of the scenes were filmed at Antioch High School with staff member Trine Gallegos (far right) included. Herald file photo

By Allen Payton

According to Supervising Producer Kris Wynn, the movie filmed in Antioch last summer, will air on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) next Thursday, December 28. It’s entitled Psycho Brother-In-Law and includes Antioch and East County residents as extras. (See related articles, here and here.)

It’s the second movie to be filmed in Antioch in as many years.

According to the Lifetime website, the movie stars Brittany Falardeau, Zack Gold, Mike Duff, Megan Ashley Brown and Samantha Bowling.

The description reads, “Kate is so thankful to have her brother-in-law David back in her family’s life as he’s been a blessing around the house while her husband spends long days at the office. But when his behavior starts getting out of line, Kate realizes that David wants to be the new head of the family, and will do anything to make that happen.”

So grab, the remote and popcorn, order some pizza and watch your local friends or family members on the small screen to see who made it past the cutting room floor!

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