City gives away Christmas trees to needy families, businesses

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By Allen Payton

To show their holiday cheer Antioch City Hall staff have been giving away Christmas trees, again this year to needy families and businesses.

According to Antioch Economic Development Manager Lizeht Zepeda, “It’s part of our contract with ABC tree lot on Delta Fair (Blvd. that rents space on City-owned land). Over a dozen trees this year went to a needy family or business.”

It was promoted on social media and Zepeda handed “Christmas tree coupons out while people were standing in line to pay their water bill and last night I went to the tree lot and gave three coupons out to families looking for a tree.”

“With these coupons we got City Hall, PD, and PW trees,” Zepeda added. “Every year I try to do something different, but my first priority is that it benefits the community.”

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