Letter writer claims there’s deceit in the Republican tax plan

Dear Editor:

You know what the shame is with the Republican tax bill besides raising taxes on the middle class and giving billions of dollars to the upper 10%, it is when the $1.5 trillion budget deficit is not paid for by the supposed growth of the economy, they will not raise taxes to make up the difference, they will cut spending for the ACA, Medicare and Social Security. This is their strategy to do away with these middle-class benefits.

They, the Republicans, are not only despicable but criminally negligent in their responsibility as members of the US Congress. So be it, it is up to the rest of us to throw these carpetbaggers out of office in 2018.

Harry Thurston


3 Comments to “Letter writer claims there’s deceit in the Republican tax plan”

  1. Arne says:

    Where was your outrage when Obamacare was passed and created astronomical additions to the federal deficit?

  2. Loretta says:

    How about the Democrats who threw away how many millions of dollars to Hillary and she lost, in fact, she never had a chance of winning to begin with, so just throw that money away, left and right, millions and millions; Hillary sure had a good time and stroked her ego real well then didn’t even have the appreciation to address her long waiting supporters the night of her loss; she just left them standing there, holding the bag, for hour long? My middle class healthcare benefits were completely taken away by the ACA. I can no longer afford to go to the Dr. because of the ACA. We are in debt for a year paying for my husband’s broken ankle. $32k for a 2 hour outpatient surgery that we used to have a $100 co-pay on. That’s criminal in my book. ACA stuck it to the middle class more than anything in history that I can remember, big time! I had a $30 co-pay for office visits and a $100 co-pay for surgery and emergency room, but ACA stole that away from me for good. My son is autistic and an illegal criminal gets more government money and support than he does. I can’t shoot someone with a legal handgun and get away with murder, but I guess now I can shoot someone with an illegal handgun and walk away from murder with a piece of cake. Our Veterans were dying in the hallways while ACA was handing out free healthcare to any criminal or terrorist who wanted it. Shut up and go home and stay there Harry.

  3. Fernando Navarro says:

    I just love the overobvious klepto mentality of the socialist “progressive” left.
    In short. your money is THEIR MONEY!…HOW DARE YOU, KEEP IT!
    To them, a tax cut is equivalent to “giving money to the rich?” It’s THEIR MONEY…NOT YOURS!

    Secondly, whats this about replenishing from somewhere else the tax cuts?!

    I say, go nuts and take a “sickle”,, har har, you see what I did there?
    take a “sickle” to all government programs and roll them back to pre 2001 levels. and kill the automatic 10% increase that these insatiable liberals live off of!

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