Guest Commentary: Dawn of a new day for the Antioch animal shelter


Antioch animals deserved better and now we at Antioch Animals Deserve Better are delighted to say things really are getting better at Antioch Animal Services!  It is the product of determination, tough decisions, and a lot of hard work.  And while there is more to do, progress at the shelter is significant, real, and continues in the right direction!

We would like to extend our enormous appreciation to Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) for their expert guidance and willingness to step in to help Antioch, as well as coordinating with Maddie’s Fund for much needed funds to help the Shelter (thanks to you too, Maddie’s).

We would also like to express our gratitude to the Antioch City Council and the Mayor for their support of the Shelter and partnership with ARF.  And let us not forget the Shelter staff, volunteers, and rescue groups who stepped up to embrace change and are helping the animals through it all.

We want to especially thank and acknowledge Antioch’s new Police Chief Tammany Brooks for taking a real interest in the Shelter, educating himself about Animal Sheltering, and taking a no nonsense, open, and honest approach. The community sees your true leadership in many areas and it is making a difference.

And lastly, we want to thank all of you who supported the cause for the animals and positive change at the shelter.  Please see the recent GoFundMe update below from the incredible attorney whose generous pro bono work helped us. We have donated 100% of the funds to ARF towards their work at the Antioch Shelter.

Many positive changes are taking hold and good things are happening.

Kim Charef


Antioch Animals Deserve Better


Posted on Antioch Animals Deserve Better Facebook page 10-17-17 by Nancy Powell, Esq.


ARF was brought in by the City of Antioch last fall and they have worked, guided and contributed mightily toward improving the Antioch Animal Shelter. It was through the pressure put on the Antioch City Council and the Council’s knowledge that folks like you demanded change that ARF got involved, so you can take credit with ARF for making things happen.

The Shelter is now working under different key individuals, is working to get a vet tech and a veterinarian to work there, has revised how often and when veterinary care is sought for the animals, has improved procedures and at the very basic level is a cleaner, nicer place to be stuck if you are an animal. ARF is continuing to work and guide the Shelter on issues that still need attention.

We demanded changes and the City got ARF involved. We were poised to go back into litigation mode if we did not see progress.

We believe that the funds that were donated to the GoFundMe campaign are no longer needed for litigation and should go to ARF to be used to further their great efforts in improving the Shelter. Therefore, the full amount collected in the GoFundMe campaign of $1,745 is being sent to ARF for this purpose. As long as the City continues to follow the guidance provided by ARF, things can only get better. If anything changes, we will update you.

Thank you for your support. It made a huge difference for the animals and the community.

Nancy V. Powell, Esq.

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  1. Julio says:

    Did we get rid of those three or four key people in charge who created this mess to start with? I sure hope so.

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