After over two years in the works Antioch Council may finalize Downtown Specific Plan update Tuesday night

General Plan Land Use Update; changes to approvals for Sand Creek area new home project; bonus for lateral police hires also on agenda

Action may finally rid the waterfront of the old house on the barge.

By Allen Payton

At their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 28 the Antioch City Council will finalize the process and take a vote on the update to the Downtown Specific Plan, begun in June 2015. The council will also consider the update to the city’s General Plan Land Use, as well as changes to the approvals for the Promenade – Vineyards at Sand Creek new home development. In addition, the council will consider offering a bonus for recruiting police officers from other agencies, known as laterals.

Downtown Specific Plan Update – Downtown Specific Plan Update ACC112817

According to the staff report on the agenda item, “On June 2, 2015, a Joint Special Study Meeting of the City Council, Planning Commission and Economic Development Commission was held on the Downtown Specific Plan (DSP) Update Program to review background information, provide input on three initial land use alternatives, and a preferred alternative for the DSP area.”

From that meeting and the input offered by the public, “a refined set of two alternatives was forward(ed) to the City Council for review.”

Specific Plans are regulated by California Government Code and must include:

1) The distribution, location, and extent of the uses of land, including open space, within the area covered by the plan.

2) The proposed distribution, location, and extent and intensity of major components of public and private transportation, sewage, water, drainage, solid waste disposal, energy, and other essential facilities proposed to be located within the area covered by the plan and needed to support the land uses described in the plan.

3) Standards and criteria by which development will proceed, and standards for the conservation, development, and utilization of natural resources, where applicable.

4) A program of implementation measures including regulations, programs, public works projects, and financing measures necessary to carry out paragraphs (1), (2), and (3).

5) A statement of the relationship of the specific plan to the general plan.

Antioch’s DSP Update covers the following elements: Vision, Guiding Policies, and Context; Land Use; Streetscape and Design Guidelines; Circulation and Access; Environmental Quality; Public Facilities, Services, and Infrastructure; and Implementation.

The proposed vision for downtown the council will consider is:

“Downtown Antioch will be a wonderful place in which to live, work, shop, dine and play. The community will take pride in Downtown as the historic heart of Antioch. Downtown’s unique waterfront setting, its historic and culturally rich character, buildings, streetscapes and open spaces will make it a successful, lively, fun and walkable special place that attracts residents and visitors of all ages.”

The plan is based on seven goals:

Goal I: Preserve Downtown Antioch’s Unique Character

Goal II: Preserve and Enhance Public Spaces

Goal III: Preserve Economic Vitality

Goal IV: Support a Housing Renaissance

Goal V: Support Mobility

Goal VI: “Park Once” Management Strategy

Goal VII: Sustainable Infrastructure

The plan update also includes descriptions and options for three “Opportunity Sites.”

Opportunity Site A

This site most recently contains Bond Manufacturing, which operates a light manufacturing facility on the 17-acre site. Due to the quality of its existing industrial buildings and infrastructure on the site, it is envisioned to house additional industrial users before any eventual revitalization. However, if proposed for revitalization, the site would offer a very unique opportunity due to its size. The site is limited by access, with only one modest entry from Auto Center Drive/W. 4th Street, so its development potential is limited.

Opportunity Site B

This 37-acre site contains a series of industrial buildings that are currently being used for RV storage and other miscellaneous uses. This is the site of a former major manufacturing facility and the smoke stack still stands. The site is directly adjacent to the Antioch Police Department and maintains frontages on W. 4th Street, L Street, N Street, O Street, and W. 2nd Street.

Opportunity Site C

This 10.5-acre site is the home of the former Hickmott Cannery and is currently vacant. The site is bisected by railroad tracks and access is to 6th Street and McElheny Road.

Along with the old Antioch Lumber Company lot, known as the Yard located between W. 2nd, W. 3rd and E Streets where a citizens have proposed an event center instead of housing or a mixed use development, the old Hickmott Cannery site has also been one of controversy. Owner Tom Trost has been battling with the city for years to get them to recognize that his property extends beyond the railroad tracks and out to the end of the piers. Up until now the city on their planning maps showed the railroad tracks as the edge of his property line. That’s why he moved a house and placed it on a barge next to the piers on the river, just north of the railroad tracks. (Author’s Note: Hopefully, once the city approves the plan update and agrees that Trost’s property extends to the end of the piers, he will move that eyesore from one of the main entrances to Antioch’s historic, downtown Rivertown).

The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, located at W. Third, W. Second and H Streets in downtown. You can also watch it live on local cable access channel 24 or livestreaming on the city’s website at

See the complete council meeting agenda, here –


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Downtown Specific Plan Update ACC112817
Downtown Specific Plan Update ACC112817

Downtown Specific Plan Land Use Map

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