Antioch School board approves hiring, contract for new Associate Superintendent

Hires Sylvan Learning to provide tutoring to over 6,000 eligible students; discusses laptops for board members; livestreaming of meetings to begin in January

New AUSD Assoc. Superintendent Christine Ibarra from her LinkedIn profile.

By Allen Payton

At their regular meeting on Wednesday, November 15 the Antioch School Board unanimously approved the contract for new Associate Superintendent, K-12 Education Services, Christine Ibarra. At their previous board meeting on Oct. 25 the board approved hiring her to fill the position made vacant by the resignation of Dr. Adam Clark, who accepted the position of superintendent for the Vallejo City Unified School District in September. (Agenda Item 12.A.)

The contract includes an annual Senior Management Salary of $191,040 plus benefits, including a $300 per month automobile stipend.

According to her profile on LinkedIn, Ibarra has worked in public school education since 1992, and had previously worked as the School Support Administrator for the Mt. Diablo Unified School District since July 2013. Prior to that she was a principal in the district for eight years. She started her career as a Teacher and Program Specialist for the West Contra Costa Unified School District.

Ibarra earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from U.C. Santa Barbara and a Master’s of Education in Education and Counseling from St. Mary’s College in Moraga. Her employment with AUSD begins on Monday, Nov. 27.

Tutoring Offered to Over 6,000 Students Who Are Behind (Agenda Item 11.X.)

Also at the meeting the board approved a contract with Bay Area Education Support Systems, which does business as Sylvan Learning to provide tutoring services at a cost of $800 per student. During the district staff report, it was explained that Tier 2 “targeted students who are a year behind” in their school work “are given Sylvan as an option. Over 6,000 of our students are eligible for supplemental educational services, such as tutoring.”

“Tier 3 students are more than a year behind” staff further explained.

Livestreaming of Board Meetings to Begin in January (Agenda Item 11.F.)

During the mid-year budget update it was reported by Superintendent Stephanie Anello that video cameras for online livestreaming of Antioch school board meetings will be installed in the board room by January.

“Our goal is to begin livestreaming by our first meeting in January, Wednesday the 24th on the (district’s) YouTube Channel,” she said.

District IT Manager, Joe Gengler explained how to view the meetings live online.

“Link on the district’s website that currently contains the audio of the meetings,” he said. “An archive of the video will be ready to go the same night.”

Laptops for Board Members Requested (Agenda Item 13.A.1)

During the board member period of the meeting, Trustee Crystal Sawyer-White requested that each of the five be provided with laptops by the district.

She said that other districts provide them to board members “from day one, as soon as you’re elected, and a cell phone.”

Gengler offered to check with other school districts to see how they handle the matter.

Board Vice President Debra Vinson agreed with the request.

“I would really like a separate device rather than on my personal device,” she stated.

However, Trustee Diane Gibson-Gray wasn’t interested. “I just want to make sure I’m able to opt out,” she said. “I don’t want to have to carry two laptops.”

“I agree,” said Trustee Gary Hack.

Vinson explained further, “I do use my one personal cell phone. But, I would not load any of my personal information” on the laptop.

Sawyer-White shared how it could work and to avoid personal use of the machines. “At the end of your term you turn in your device and anyone can access and are free to search for any personal use, and free to track usage during our term,” she stated.

The discussion then centered on a request from a principal for a laptop, according to Sawyer-White and which platform to use.

“I have never heard of this request,” said Gengler. “I am building infrastructure to support these. The district needs to decide which. There’s Microsoft and there’s Google Chrome. We certainly don’t have the resources to support Google Chrome Books.”

“We can certainly reach out to the principal,” he added.”

Sawyer-White then mentioned Springboard.

Vinson then asked, “how many students have Chrome Books?”

Gengler replied, “Right now there are zero Chrome books. Right now, they are window-based laptops. Some folks use Chrome Classroom.”

“If we’re going to be a digital classroom it’s something to consider for the future,” Vinson stated.

“We’re hoping to have this ready by the summer,” Gengler explained. “We’re open to whatever platform…we just want to serve the kids.”

The next meeting of the Antioch School Board will be held on Wednesday, December 13 in the District Office Board Room at 510 G Street in Antioch. To view the agenda for the Nov. 15 meeting, click here. For further details about past and future board meetings visit

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