Forget shopping, Opt Outside on Black Friday with free entry to East Bay parks

Entrance to the East Bay Regional Park District will be free on Black Friday (Nov. 24) to encourage people to visit parks, not malls.

The Park District will be waiving fees for parking, dogs, horses, boat launching and fishing permits at all 65 parks in the District. Entrance fees at Ardenwood Historic Farm will also be waived. This is the third year the Park District has been free on Black Friday.

“Getting out into nature the day after Thanksgiving is a great way to spend time with the family,” said General Manager Robert Doyle. “The East Bay Regional Park District is pleased to be part of the annual ‘Opt Outside’ event that encourages people nationally to connect with nature by visiting a park or going for a hike on Black Friday.”

Fee waiver does not apply to state fees, including fishing licenses and watercraft inspections, and does not apply to District concessions such as the Tilden Merry-Go-Round and train.

Opt Outside started in 2015 when REI closed it doors on Black Friday and encouraged its employees and the public to explore the outdoors instead of shopping. More than 1.4 million people and 170 organizations participate in Opt Outside each year.

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One Comment to “Forget shopping, Opt Outside on Black Friday with free entry to East Bay parks”

  1. Walter Ruehlig says:

    I just came from Winco for some Thanksgiving late morning last minute menu items and saw what appeared to be a homeless encampment wrapping around the corne. Curious thta such a trhing existed in Brentwood, I followed the trail of tents and discovered it was scores of people camping for Best Buy Black Friday.

    It’s a new World!

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