Writer says Frazier again gets ‘F’ on taxes


You can thank Assemblyman Jim Frazier for that pain at the pump you’re feeling now that gas is an extra 12 cents per gallon.

Frazier and his fellow Democrats in Sacramento raised taxes $52 billion annually, including a 12 cents/gallon gas tax hike, 20 cents/gallon diesel gas tax hike and a $25-$175 vehicle fee increase. The average household will be paying an extra $600 a year.

Frazier not only voted for the tax-hike legislation, but sponsored his own version of the tax-hike bill, Assembly Bill 1. So it’s no surprise that Frazier once again received an “F” on his legislative report card from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. He voted in favor of taxpayer interests only 16 percent of the time on 22 tax bills in 2017.

This makes the fifth year in a row that Frazier, whose campaign slogan is “People before politics,” has received an “F” from HJTA for putting politics before people when it comes to their taxes.

Unfortunately, Frazier is not alone – a record 79 legislators flunked the tax scorecard. “By approving major new burdens on middle class taxpayers, the current crop of Sacramento lawmakers is exhibiting an outright hostility to the taxpayers who pay the state’s bills,” said HJTA President Jon Coupal.

How bad is the hostility? State lawmakers this year proposed $373.4 billion in higher annual taxes and fees, according to the California Tax Foundation. That’s nearly $200 billion more than the total taxes and fees annually collected by state government.

When will it end? Only when taxpayers decide they’ve had enough and stop sending taxaholics like Frazier to represent them in Sacramento.

Dave Roberts


6 Comments to “Writer says Frazier again gets ‘F’ on taxes”

  1. Dave Roberts says:

    Correction: The tax hike is $52 billion over 10 years, not annually.

  2. Michael Sagehorn says:

    You drive on the public road, you pay. If you drive more miles you pay more. Transportation maintenance isn’t cheap. I may have less money for beer but I’d rather drive on a road without potholes. Toll roads back East are well maintained simply by user fees. Do you want that? Also everybody pays taxes- property, sales, and those who own cars, excise taxes on petroleum. Don’t want to pay more taxes on gas? Buy a vehicle that has good mileage numbers per gallon. It’s simple.

  3. mouse says:

    I will gladly pay the 12 cents for better roads. Potholes and bad bridges cost a lot more.

    • Mam says:

      Yeah but are the roads and bridges being maintained out of the gas taxes you pay now? Leave the state and observe the road conditions in Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Utah.. the way the highways are landscaped and cleaned. California is either using the road maintenance funds in non-productive ways or they’re being siphoned off into social programs.

  4. Sherra says:

    Goodness. More taxes on some of us barely making it. Really? This is like a frog that ends up boiling to death as it starts out in tepid water and the increase of the heat is ever so slight. Unfortunately I just don’t see this craziness stopping as there are enough people that see nothing wrong with this hike.

  5. RJB says:

    Mo money, mo money!!
    Anyone ever experience how governments budgets work? It’s a “if you don’t use it you lose it” type of game. If there are extra funds then it goes to pay raises and benefits. There will never be enough money for government. Spend spend spend is the name of the game and we tax payers are the ones who lose.

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