City of Antioch surveys residents for one cent sales tax increase to replace Measure C

By Allen Payton

A recent phone survey of Antioch residents was paid for by the City of Antioch it was revealed by City Manager Ron Bernal.

The 20- to 25-minute survey asked residents questions about city services, their opinions on how well the city is handling them and whether or not they would support a one-cent sales tax increase, when the Measure C half-cent sales tax expires in three years.

In response to questions about who paid for the survey, Bernal wrote in an email, “I authorized the survey and it is being paid for by the City. As you can see with this survey, we have started a process of assessing community priorities and important issues facing the City of Antioch and responses from residents are greatly appreciated. The City is gathering community feedback on a number of issues, local revenue only being one of these issues. No decision has been made regarding Measure C.”

However, how much the survey cost he didn’t say.

Survey results have not yet been provided to the city. But they are expected to be presented at an upcoming City Council meeting.

8 Comments to “City of Antioch surveys residents for one cent sales tax increase to replace Measure C”

  1. Jim Marchetti says:

    It’s about time the city actually LISTENS to its residents and is actively taking stock of the issues as the residents see it.

    How incredibly refreshing!!! Seriously… the decades of not caring needs to stop and it looks like it’s going in the right direction a bit.

  2. Rich Buongiorno says:

    I sincerely hope those surveyed brought up the facts that since the 4th quarter 2015 the transparency has become somewhat non-existent and we are not even privy to the number of sworn officers anymore, much less the monthly reports stopped (they were actually combined with the quarterly reports) oh those were stopped also and the reports that remained were changed, the calls received no longer had the dispatch times. The weekly reports no longer have any summary information which is allegedly available on the crime maps and stats page. However, just the two reports (CFS & AAR) currently averaging 80 pages is a bit daunting when the staffing information and calls for service and arrest information was readily available on a timely basis; weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly – and this paragraph only addressed Measure C – related. Punch line – transparency is a MUST.

    • Sbdavis says:

      I got the survey call. The surveyor doesn’t want to hear anything but an answer to each question. They only record your answer, not your opinion. They answer none of your questions. These are hired surveyors, they probably don’t know anything about our area or what we are putting up with around here.

  3. Rjb says:

    I wonder how many surveyed replied with concerns about crime and traffic enforcement.

  4. Julio says:

    You folks pass Measure C again you are fools.

    The city manager has to change his weekly story about how rosy it is in Antioch and tell the truth. He does not live in the real world. He concentrates on A Street and Lone Tree Way and forgets real people live in the hell that is the rest of the city.

  5. RJB says:

    Antioch is not only the most dangerous place to live in Far East county, but it will soon be the most tax increased. Pay more to live less!

  6. If the research is done to improve the city I see no problems.

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