Antioch Police traffic enforcement stops reckless “side shows” cites 57 other violators

Antioch Police Traffic Unit. Photo from 2016 courtesy APD.

By Sergeant Powell Meads, Antioch Police Traffic Division

Traffic related complaints are among the highest frequency of complaints received by the Antioch Police Department. This includes speeding, stop sign violations, reckless driving, and many others. The Antioch Police Department takes these complaints and traffic safety in general very seriously.

The Antioch Police Department has begun conducting proactive traffic enforcement patrols in an effort to alleviate traffic related issues and reduce collisions.

The most recent proactive traffic operation was conducted on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017. Officers issued a total of 57 citations for a variety of traffic violations including speeding, red light violations, stop sign violations, and cell phone use. More proactive enforcement operations will occur in the near future.

In addition, officers on regular patrol are providing extra patrol in known locations for reckless driving and side shows. On Friday, Sept. 23rd, an officer observed a 26-year-old Antioch resident “spinning donuts” in the parking lot of Kmart. The officer conducted a traffic enforcement stop on the vehicle. The driver was subsequently arrested for reckless driving and his vehicle was impounded. Also on Friday, an officer observed a 22-year-old Brentwood resident “spinning donuts” in the parking lot of the Antioch In-Shape Gym. The driver was also arrested for reckless driving and his vehicle was impounded.

Anyone who witnesses reckless or dangerous driving is encouraged to contact the Antioch Police Department at (925) 778-2441.

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8 Comments to “Antioch Police traffic enforcement stops reckless “side shows” cites 57 other violators”

  1. RJB says:

    57? I see about half of those violations occurring on my way to drive my kids to school.

    It says more enforcement will be done in the future, that’s great and dandy but we need these enforcements to happen NOW.

    Traffic enforcement on a SERIOUS level is long overdue in Antioch.

    How has measure C money been improving my quality of life? I haven’t seen much since.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you so much! Spinning circles at intersections has been a problem for some time. I’m okay with 57 citations to start with.
      People have been driving like maniacs for to long around Antioch and it’s because they know they can get away with it. Thank you to the current City Leaders that are fulfilling their campaign intentions.

  2. Michelle says:

    There are many many violations just waiting to be caught on Buchanan from at least San Jose Dr. to at least Delta fair blvd. and on Delta Fair Blvd it is not ok to double park in the right lane while waiting for your child to get out of school. Just saying

  3. Julio says:

    The passing of cars on Delta Fair in the residential area from Buchanan to James Donlan scares the crap out of us. Everyday we are passed by cars doing 40 or 50 on Delta Fair. I have seriously thought of pretending to turn left in front of one of them just to see their eyes.

    We appreciate all the traffic patrols we can get out here.

  4. Just today, on the way home, im stopped at red light on G & 18th, a car in front of me and a truck in the right turning lane, the light turns green, truck on right passes us up and goes straight in front of us!!! I guess he needed to be first in line!!!

  5. Sherra says:

    News like this is great and I am glad that this is being put in the local paper. This is a good start. There has been such lawlessness for so long on our streets that it will take awhile for word to get out that crackdowns are happening. Key is consistency and getting the word out like this. This gives people hope when they see things being done. The other day some guy smoking weed was next to me at the light on Deer Valley stopped in front of Safeway. It was not our turn at all and he goes from the stopped position to going through the red light as the on coming traffic was turning into McDonald’s. He almost hit the car turning. Not a care in the world he had.

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