Antioch Council approves 58-unit, in-fill apartment project

Artist’s rendering of Almond Knolls apartment project.

By Allen Payton

During their July 25 council meeting, three members of the council who were in attendance approved the 58-unit Almond Knolls multifamily residential housing project located on Worrell Road near the intersection of Lone Tree Way.

Community Development Director Forrest Ebbs offered a brief introduction to the project. (See the staff report, here: Almond Knolls Apts staff report)

“This is an interesting example of an in-fill project. We get a lot of requests and interest in these lots,” he stated. “It’s encouraging whenever we receive those inquiries because there are a lot of gaps in our city. To accommodate some of our housing demand within our developed environment and to take some of the blight that can happen with some of these empty lots off.”

The project will be gated and on a 2.9 acre, vacant parcel. It includes five, two- to three-story apartment buildings surrounded by a looped, private drive aisle.

It also includes 58 covered vehicle spaces, 30 uncovered spaces and 12 uncovered visitor parking spaces. (See the project drawings and plans, here: Almond Knolls drawings & plans-1 and Almond Knolls drawings & plans-2)

The complex will have multiple open space areas, and a recreation area with a picnic area, fire pit and bocce ball court. It also allows for conversion to condominiums for possible sale of the units, in the future.

Kyle Masters of the Grupe Company, developers of the apartments, spoke of the projected rents for the units and that they also have their own property management company.

“They go through that process of qualifying the individuals who actually are going to live there,” he said.

Each applicant that looks to qualify for one of their units would typically have a monthly income of 2.5 times the monthly rent.

“We’ve elected to increase that to three times for this project,” Masters explained. “So, we’re looking at rents for the one-bedroom around $1,800 a month and for the two-bedroom it’s probably going to be around $2,300 a month,”

“So, if you take that multiple of three you get your monthly income that would be required, and you can do the math and realize that’s a substantial income that would be necessary to qualify to live in these units,” he explained.

To view council meeting video, click here and scroll to 1:41:30 for the Almond Knolls project.

The council voted 3-0 to approve the project, with Mayor Pro Tem Lamar Thorpe and Council Member Monica Wilson absent.

Almond Knolls Illustrative Site Plan

the attachments to this post:

Almond Knolls drawings & plans-2
Almond Knolls drawings & plans-2

Almond Knolls drawings & plans-1
Almond Knolls drawings & plans-1

Almond Knolls Apts staff report
Almond Knolls Apts staff report

Almond Knolls Illustrative Site Plan

Almond Knolls artist rendering

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