Police seek four suspects in Wednesday morning jewelry store robbery at Antioch mall

Ron Jewelers inside Somersville Towne Center was robbed by four suspects, Wed. morning, July 19, 2017. Photo by Allen Payton

One of the glass cases that was smashed by the thieves. Photos of cases by witness who chose not to be identified.

By Acting Sgt. Shawn Morin #5227, Antioch Police Field Services Bureau & Allen Payton, Publisher

On July 19, 2017 at approximately 11:20 a.m., Antioch Police Officers were dispatched to the Somersville Towne Center at 2550 Somersville Road for an unknown disturbance. Upon the Officers’ arrival, they learned that four male suspects entered the Ron Jewelers store located inside the east end of the mall,  near the Macy’s store, and smashed the glass cases with metal tools. The suspects were able to flee the store on foot with stolen jewelry and left the mall in a silver Infiniti sedan.

Two witnesses, who requested to not be identified, said they saw four men run to the east end of the mall, and out the south exit doors “toward the Smart & Final” store, located on the outside of the mall.

The value of the jewelry taken has yet to be determined. The four suspects were dressed in similar clothing.

“They had masks and dark glasses, and yellow construction-type, safety reflector clothing,” one witness said.

The same witness heard the sounds and ran to the jewelry store.

“I heard the cracking sound. So, I knew something was going on there,” the witness said. “I rushed down there and the people from that side were running here,” in the witness’ direction. “They had metal hammers and were smashing the glass cases. I saw them breaking the glass and stealing the jewelry,” the witness continued. “They had a gun. I think it was a toy, paper spray gun. But it looked real. I was afraid, so I ran away and called 9-11. I told my friend to call 9-11 from his store phone.”

Another smashed glass jewelry case.

Asked how long the suspects were in the store, the witness responded, “more than five minutes.”

“The police came very fast,” the witness added.

A store owner said the four suspects entered the mall through from the Macy’s store.

During the robbery, an employee was pepper sprayed and was later transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Somersville Towne Center Marketing Manager Shannon Skinner offered the following statement:

“Today around 11:30 am we had an incident occur inside a store in the mall. The incident is currently being investigated by the Antioch Police Department; therefore, we cannot comment any further. However, the mall remains open.”

But, the Ron Jewelers store was closed, with the glass cases covered, the glass had been cleaned up and a commercial size vacuum was sitting on the floor inside, at about 5:30 p.m. The store is expected to reopen by Friday, according to a man who works at one of the kiosks, nearby.

Somersville Towne Center is the only enclosed and air-conditioned mall in Eastern Contra Costa County.

Anyone who may have witnessed this incident is encouraged to contact the Antioch Police Department at (925) 778-2441.

Inside the Ron Jewelers store, late Wednesday afternoon. Photo by Allen Payton

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Ron Jewelers inside

Glass case 2

Ron Jewelers inside

Ron Jewelers sign

Glass case 3

Ron Jewelers inside

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  1. Sherra says:

    I am so sick of these robberies in Antioch. The Justice system needs to put them away for a long long time. These sociopath narcissistic thieves can’t live among a civilized society.

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