Antioch singer, songwriter heads to Nashville for career in country music

Allie Sealey performs the National Anthem at the KAT Country Listener Appreciation Concert in June, 2017.

By Allen Payton

This week, Antioch resident Allie Sealey is leaving for Nashville, to perform and record her own songs, and pursue a career in country music. The 2008 Deer Valley High graduate plays guitar and sings, and her following has been growing on social media over the past few years, as people enjoy her songs. Now she’s ready for the big time.

“Just a solo, one-man band going to Nashville, taking it on the road,” she said with a laugh. “I’ve been singing my whole life, and writing songs. But I started pursuing it professionally three years ago.”

“I was sent by Tiki Tom’s in Walnut Creek to an audition for American Idol,” Allie shared.

She also won some contests like the West Coast songwriting show.

Allie has also been mentioned in an article on the Country Rebel music website.

“It’s been one heck of a journey and I’ve really tried to go anywhere the music would take me,” she stated.

That journey has included playing in L.A. a few times this year, at the Santa Monica Pier, and causing her to sleep in her car at times, which she also mentioned with a laugh.

Allie Sealey sings, plays guitar and writes her own music.

As for what inspired her, Allie said it was her grandfather, for whom she was a primary caregiver for several years up until his last moments when “he passed peacefully in my arms, at our home,” she shared. “After my grandpa passed away it kind of catapulted me into this place where I saw how short life was, and I just wanted to do what I like.”

“I’ve written a lot of songs about him, since then,” she added.

Allie successfully used crowdfunding to pay her way to Nashville and record her first album, “in loving memory of my grandfather,” she said.

As for the most recent growth in Allie’s career, it’s thanks to social media.

“I got on Periscope recently, which is an online livestreaming application,” she explained. “I’ve been Instagramming (another online app) all I could. But someone suggested Periscope. I started out with no viewers, then I had 100 viewers, then 500 viewers. It was just growing.”

“I would play for 12 hours. My fingers would bleed and scab over,” said Allie. “My longest session was eight hours. People would give me requests and I would play them, plus some of my original songs.”

Twitter then featured her as an artist who was trending.

“It was my grandpa’s birthday. I had 70,000 people watch my broadcast live,” she exclaimed. “My following started to increase. Now, I have something like 13,900 followers on Periscope.”

Allie shared a story of an interesting coincidence.

“It was weird that my grandfather shared the same birthday as Ronnie Van Zant, the lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd,” she said. “Because they shared their song that I covered, Write It In A Song, on their Facebook page.”

At the time she chose that particular song to sing, Allie wasn’t aware of the connection between the two birthdays.

She’s 27 and has probably written hundreds of songs during her budding career.

“I’m finally doing what I’ve really dreamed of doing which is going to Nashville,” Allie stated. “This has been dedication and really persevering.”

“Anything is possible,” she added.

Allie will be driving to Nashville, performing along the way, sending postcards to her fans as she goes. She will be taking some tambourines and a harmonica with her on the trip.

But the most important instrument she’ll have is a Gibson guitar given to Allie by local rancher and rodeo star John Holman, the best friend of country singer Chris Ledoux – who Garth Brooks mentions in one of his songs. Gibson is a top of the line brand of guitars.

Holman told her, “When I’m in a rodeo I take my best horse. If you’re going to Nashville I think you should take that guitar.” And she is.

Allie has had other help along the way. Her mother, Tina Cianfichi has “been a big support,” Allie shared. Cousins Dominic Cianfichi and Gianna Cianfichi have also helped.

“It’s been a family affair,” she said.

Allie mentioned having “a couple connections out there, thanks to KAT Country radio.” They had her sing at their listener appreciation concert in June.

There’s also a studio lined up that Allie will be using, where she will be performing a song she wrote featuring the guitar, John and his ranch.

“It’s about perseverance,” Allie explained. “John told me three things in life necessary for success are ‘try, heart and guts.’”

So that’s the name of her song, Try, Heart and Guts, one of six to be included on an EP she will be recording.

Her goal once she arrives is to get management and possibly a record label, and of course reach more people with her music.

“More importantly, some of my short-term goals are to record, but also to play some iconic venues – the Bluebird Cafe, the Listening Room,” Allie shared. “To play at and meet with people who are doing the same.”

She’ll be living nearby the Bluebird.

“Like one minute away. I’m super excited,” she offered.

As for her future plans Allie said, “I don’t know if I’ll be coming back to California any time soon.”

“Mom thinks I’ll be back in two months,” she added with a laugh.

She’s a local girl, having grown up in Antioch and attended local schools including Jack London Elementary, Black Diamond Middle, as well as Deer Valley High

“I’m always going to remember where I graduated from,” Allie said.

To listen to her music, enjoy her videos and follow her journey, watch Allie on her website at or on social media by visiting, Periscope, or



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  1. Kathy Anderson says:

    Awesome…good luck to you…

  2. Eric Davis says:

    After running across Allie on Periscope, I’ve been a loyal fan and supporter. I love her music and the heart and soul she puts into it. I can not wait for her to take on Nashville. I believe we are all in for a very pleasant surprise. Watch out Nashville, here comes Allie Sealey!

  3. Debbie Davis says:

    Go get ’em Allie! You’ve got the talent now may God provide you the teachers and the connections. Enjoy the journey as there is no rehearsal in real life. Stay true to yourself and what you believe in. May God bless your journey 🙂

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