Writer challenges previous letter writer to provide proof for his accusations


It seems to me that if Steven Payne has information that leads to a discovery of wrongdoing on the part of city officials, then that information needs to be made public. Implied knowledge of wrongdoing or conspiracy is just BS.

Steven, in an earlier post to the editor, implied that he knows information and inside dealings. It is just silly to yell fire in a crowded place without proof. I am not one to normally defend those who I may not agree with, however I am also not one to defend implied blackmail.

Our city is a good city, full of many citizens who care about making it better. Yes, there is so much to do, so much to fix, so much to mend. Let’s us stay focused on that and not an attempt to sling mud.

If the proof is there, I challenge you, Steven Payne to publish each, and every substantiated fact and not just innuendo. There have been too many years of rumors and not nearly enough years of trust. Your opinion, without facts, just creates more mistrust among our citizens. Let’s see your facts.

Frederick Rouse


2 Comments to “Writer challenges previous letter writer to provide proof for his accusations”

  1. HJ says:

    I strongly agree with Frederick Rouse!

  2. Bill Schilz says:

    After reading Steven Payne’s letter to the Editor, I too felt the same way.
    In short… PUT UP OR SHUT UP! Stop with innuendo and lay out the facts!

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