Writer disagrees with positive information about Antioch shared at State of the City presentation


Exactly just what was passed off as the positives for the lifestyle for residents in Antioch, California? Was it the absolute takeover of Section 8 housing? Was it the decline in property values due to Section 8 housing? Was it the fact that Antioch police no longer respond to calls from concerned citizens, some in dire need of help? Was it that stolen vehicles parked in neighborhoods is no longer a priority? Was it that police radio channels being blocked so that concerned citizens would know what was going on in their neighborhoods has had such a positive effect? Or was it the line of B.S. that crime is way down in Antioch?

Someone is stuffing their pockets over this B.S. and I already know who. If you do not come forward on your own, I will be forced to blow the entire conspiracy all to he**. Names, dates, connections $ exchanged, promises of exchanges and not one soul will get a pass.

You cannot silence me as all files have been clouded and published. Want to try? Bring it as I owe you anyway. It would be my pleasure. Some on the other hand might find this most uncomfortable.

Game on. Who with nothing to hide would care to begin? I give you first shot, then all he** is unleashed.

Steven Payne


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6 Comments to “Writer disagrees with positive information about Antioch shared at State of the City presentation”

  1. Ken TurnageII says:

    It is absolutely laughable that this would even get published! I mean really, if you have names to name and “an entire conspiracy to blow to hell” then do it. Otherwise you are just blowing hot air! Why do you need someone who thinks they have nothing to hide? Either you have the goods or you don’t!

    So have at it, otherwise you are just being another wind bag speaking loud because someone gave you a platform.

  2. Frederick Rouse says:

    This goes a bit over the top.What is the writer actually trying to accomplish? What evidence is there? I have complained in the past through sending my views to the paper but using the forum for some sort of subtle blackmail is just stupid.

  3. RJB says:

    Mr. Payne,

    I applaud your courageous effort to call out what is wrong.

  4. Stanley Cordoba says:

    I for one want to hear what he has to say. I feel that he is probably right on these issues.

  5. Jeffrey Hall-Cottrell says:

    While you are at it could you be so kind as to tell us where Jimmy Hoffa is buried and who was really behind JFK’s assassination? Perhaps you also jave proof that the moon landing was a hoax? Enquiring minds what to know.

  6. Jeffrey Hall-Cottrell says:

    And perhaps if you can hear the police scanner so can the criminal they are trying to apprehend?

    Section 8 is the cause you say… I’ll bet you have proof that AUSD and the City of Antioch bussed kids in from Richmond and Oakland, too?

    Contra Costa County does have a psychiatric ward if you feel the need for a little R and R.

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