Two officers awarded Medal of Valor at annual Antioch Police Awards ceremony

Officers Tom Smith, left and Scott Duggar are presented with the Medal of Valor by Chief Tammany Brooks, at the annual Antioch Police Awards Ceremony, May 25, 2017. Photo by Allen Payton

Robert Green is named Officer of the Year

By John Crowder

Two Antioch police officers received Medals of Valor on Thursday, May 25, at the annual Antioch Police Department Awards Ceremony.  The awards were given to Officer Tom Smith, who also received a Purple Heart, and Officer Scott Duggar, in recognition for their actions and the bravery they exhibited during a dramatic incident in which Officer Smith was wounded by a shotgun blast to the head.

Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks described the incident to a standing room only crowd in the Antioch City Council chambers.  Brooks related how Smith was following a man suspected of numerous offenses, including three other shootings, arson, and carjacking.  In an attempt to evade Officer Smith, the suspect crashed the vehicle he was driving.  Exiting the wrecked car, the suspect immediately began firing at Smith, still in his patrol car.

During the gun battle, Smith was hit in the head, but was still able to keep the suspect engaged and to radio for help.  Officer Duggar arrived on the scene and also engaged the suspect, finally rushing him and placing him under arrest.

Brooks noted the bravery exhibited by the two officers in the performance of their duties, and emphasized how they exemplified the character of Antioch’s sworn staff, who every day step forward to put their lives on the line, if need be, to protect the city’s citizens.

In addition, former Captain Robin Kelley was recognized by Brooks for her years of service as a new retiree.

Also during the ceremony, Brooks surprised Father Robert Rien, Antioch Police Chaplain and pastor of Antioch’s St. Ignatius Church, with an award recognizing his more than ten years of service to the department.  Brooks noted that Rien will soon be recognized as a Master Police Chaplain at the International Conference of Police Chaplains, coming up in July.  Rien will be the only police chaplain in Contra Costa County to have attained this rank.

Antioch Police Officer of the Year Robert Green with Chief Brooks. May 25, 2017

Other awards presented at the ceremony included:

Officer Robert Green, Officer of the Year

Samantha Peterson, Civilian Employee of the Year

Hannah McDevitt, Explorer of the Year

Officer Matthew Koch, Distinguished Service

Officers Jonathan Adams, Frederick Blumberg, Jacob Ewart, Randall Gragg, Kelly Inabnett, Mark Moraga, and Amel Sahnic, Meritorious Service Awards.

Anita Soares, Commendation

Also recognized were three former Crime Prevention Commissioners, Mike Gadams, Audrey Taylor, and Karen Williams.

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  1. RJb says:

    Kudos to you officers.

    Hope there’s a plan for enforcing more laws in the future. Antioch’s crime is out of control.

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