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On 6/13 the Antioch City Council will decide whether to join the Community Choice Energy Joint Powers Authority of MCE Clean Energy. MCE offers to each customer in their service area a choice on how much (50% or 100%) of their electric service comes from renewable sources (solar, wind, hydro, thermal) versus a significantly lower percentage mix by PG&E.

If the City joins with MCE, the amount of Green House Gases (GHG) released into the environment attributed to the City will be lower, reducing the City’s contribution to climate change.  In addition, joining with MCE will significantly help the City to meet the target goal of 25% reduction of GHG by 2020 and 80% reduction of GHG by 2035, Antioch City Council Resolution 2009/57. There are other ways that the City could reduce its GHG impact but none are less invasive to rate payers or less expensive overall than joining with MCE.

It is estimated that the MCE monthly cost to each individual rate payer will be low. For discussion only, if the MCE rate should settle at 1% above current PG&E rates (expectation is that the rate will be lower than PG&E rates), the current PG&E monthly bill is $100, then the comparative MCE bill would be $101, an additional $1 is not much to pay in order to make an impact on slowing climate change.

It may seem that Antioch joining with MCE is an inconsequential action relative to the overall issue of global warming. However, I am reminded of how a single grain of sand, when joined collectively, lock together to form a beach against the waves of climate change.

So join me on 6/13, at the Antioch City Council Chambers, 200 H St., Antioch, 7 PM, to urge the Antioch City Council to pass an ordinance for the City to join with MCE.

If not for yourself, but for your children’s children along with all the other innocent life on this Earth.

Harry Thurston


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  1. Terry Ramus says:

    The equivalent to our example of a $100 California power bill would only cost about $50 to $60 in the rest of the Nation. This is due to the the California “clean energy cost” here in CA which averages out to about 24 cents per kilowatt-hr versus typically more like 12 cents per kilowatt-hr in places like the Midwest. This difference will only get worse since the Governor has proudly exclaimed that California will mandate a 50% green power percentage in the future, 2030, versus maybe only 20% “green power” now. I am glad to see that so many people in California are so rich that they can now happily pay even more for PC power at $101+ (and you know that this latest proposal will really cost much more!). I support an option to just pay the fair price of $50 and you other rich folks can of course pay $101+

  2. Marty Fernandez says:

    Thank you Terry. I am opposed to this also but our council being who they are will fall for it hook line and sinker.

  3. Rjb says:

    Why does California have the highest taxes, most restrictions, and most regulations compared to other states?

  4. Steven Payne says:

    I must be confused or just do not understand common core math. I was always taught that $101.00 is always greater than $100.00. No matter how you idiot liberals spin it, 1% above PG&E will always cost 1% more than PG&E. How in the world do you come up with these cost savings? All you do is parrot what is fed to you and you don’t bother or cannot do the simple math that, no matter how you pervert it, will give you the same answer every time. More is always more, so someone is blowing smoke somewhere. Why is it that the over paid city manager didn’t latch onto this mathematical magic? Or perhaps he and the others involved with this great deception have some other math magic in mind. Perhaps in some bank account somewhere? I know bull shit when I smell it. I damn sure know it when I step in it, or live next to it.

  5. Steven Payne says:

    P.S. Harry, cry me a river it’s always for the children. Well, sir, the children will be paying for this whole made up mess for generations. Give the poor children a break instead of using them as shields, like so many cowards do.

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