Pete’s Restaurant & Brewhouse in Antioch now offering happy hour, live music & more

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‘s Happy Hour 05-16

6 Comments to “Pete’s Restaurant & Brewhouse in Antioch now offering happy hour, live music & more”

  1. RJb says:

    Hope it works out for them. Doesn’t seem like many people go to that place. Good luck.

  2. Just a thought says:

    I say make food people want to eat. There are so many good restaurants but none in Antioch. Don’t resort to selling cheap drinks to get them in. Feed the patrons great food that they want to leave their homes to enjoy.

  3. Julio says:

    This place is going to fail. It has been sliding downward since the day it opened. Slow service, not always having what you want to order. Too noisy. Very mediocre food. Just a pit. Sorry. We just don’t go there after the third try and failure. We had high hopes and they redesigned Sizzler very nicely.

  4. EB says:

    I hope they improve their service. The first time we went we were very impressed both with food and service.

    We tried again after that and had an extremely long wait for our food, check, water, drinks, etc. and the food was not good. Very obvious straight from freezer to fryer. Gave it one more try. I arrived about 45 minutes before my boyfriend and waited 20 minutes at a table before being addressed at all. I then finished my beer and sat empty. We paid and left before ordering dinner. This one beer took 1 hour of service.

  5. Rjb says:

    Good affordable food and customer service. Antioch lacks these three attributes.

    I was sad to see the Bob Sang Korean BBQ close. They had all three, but the unspoken rule to any business is safety for customers. The location was around Mahogany, one of the most ghettofied places in Antioch.

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