Supervisor Glover praises installation of Highway 4 surveillance cameras following shootings

Since Nov. 1, 2015, there have been 87 shootings on Bay Area freeways in which eight people died – all of them in Contra Costa County – and 39 others were injured, according to the CHP. So far, this year there have been 21 shootings.

The Department of Transportation has pledged between $1.5- to $2-million for the installation of high-tech surveillance equipment on Highway 4 between west and east Contra Costa County.

Supervisor Federal Glover, chair of the Board of Supervisors, made this statement Monday:

“I’m happy to see that the State of California’s Department of Transportation and law enforcement agencies agree with me and City of Pittsburg on how to stem the shootings on Highway 4 in Contra Costa County,” he said. “Last year, I dedicated money from the Keller Canyon Landfill Mitigation Fund to install cameras on Highway 4 from Bay Point to Antioch. Pittsburg found money in its budget to increase the funding needed to install high tech surveillance equipment along the same stretch of road.

“With the additional funding from the state, we can make the rest of Highway 4 safer all the way to west county by using cameras and shot locators,” he continued. “Criminal elements will no longer be able to hide when they commit their deadly activities on our public roadway.”

It was a coordinated effort among elected leaders in the county. According to a Mercury News article, last year, after the Pittsburg paid to install cameras pointing at Highway 4 in that city, “Hercules Mayor Dan Romero has led a campaign by the mayors of several Contra Costa County cities, along with Contra Costa District Attorney Mark Peterson, to seek state funding to install law enforcement-friendly surveillance cameras freeway onramps and offramps throughout the county, and to upgrade existing Caltrans cameras so police can use them.”

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  1. Just a thought says:

    The key is – don’t let them go when they get to court!!! Seems these weasels get away with horrible crimes, plague our cities only to be let go on stupid court technicalities. Get your acts together.

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