Tammany Brooks hired as Antioch’s new Chief of Police

New Antioch Police Chief, Tammany Brooks

It was announced today, that Antioch City Manager, Ron Bernal, named Tammany Brooks as the Antioch Chief of Police effective May 14, 2017. Brooks has been serving in the capacity of Interim Chief since the retirement of former Chief Allan Cantando.

Chief Brooks has been a dedicated member of the Antioch Police Department for 22 years. Bernal noted that as an Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain, Brooks has served in virtually every capacity within the Department, emphasizing that this appointment is critical to Antioch’s continued growth and success.

“Chief Brooks is the right person and has what it takes to successfully lead the talented men and women of the Antioch Police Department. With over 20 years of loyal service to the City, he has proven himself as a team player who is committed to taking an outstanding department and making it even better,” Bernal said. “His integrity and no nonsense approach to the job are just two of the reasons Chief Brooks is so highly respected among his peers and the community. Elevating Chief Brooks from within our own ranks is a testimony to the quality of personnel we have within our own ranks. Rising up from humble beginnings, Chief Brooks epitomizes what can happen through hard work, commitment and the pursuit of excellence.”

Chief Brooks is also the City’s first African American Police Chief.

Brooks holds a Masters Degree in Leadership, as well as being a graduate of distinguished law enforcement programs, including the Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP) of Boston and the FBI National Academy.

In his online message to the community on the Antioch Police Department webpage, following his appointment as Interim Police Chief last month, Brooks wrote:

It is my firm belief that the best way to improve the quality of life and make Antioch a safe and thriving community for all is through a collaborative partnership with the citizens who live, work, and play in this great city.

While I am extremely proud and confident in the abilities of all the members of this department, I realize that in order to truly bring about positive, long-term results, the police department cannot do it alone.  As President John F. Kennedy said, “The level of crime in a city is in direct proportion to the will of its citizens and law enforcement officers who tolerate it.”  We need your help.

One of my goals is to enhance the level of communication between the Department and the community.

This partnership is not an option for me…it must remain a reality.  Together, we are a stronger body with a shared vision and mutual desire to make positive and real changes that reflect the true values of our remarkable community.

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6 Comments to “Tammany Brooks hired as Antioch’s new Chief of Police”

  1. Just a thought says:

    Business as usual – get the panhandlers off the streets.

  2. Arne says:

    An exceptional selection by City Manager Ron Bernal !! Congratulations, Chief T.

  3. Loretta Sweatt says:

    Congratulations! Thank you for being here in Antioch! You do us proud! You do your city proud!

  4. Rjb says:

    Well if he wants a “partnership”
    With the people of Antioch to reduce crime, then make every call we report a priority and actually have your officers investigate. Let me guess not feasible because other calls are more serious such as gun assaults, muggings and rapes? Well Antioch gets those calls everyday probably almost every hour dealing with ghetto hood rat section 8.

    So there is no hope. Just more of the same crap of dog and pony shows from our leaders and police officers.

    • Dave says:

      Let us wish the new Chief well and hope that he can bring back what is known as human value to the APD. As the police department policy on refusing to provide open communication with the public should end ASAP as the department is future victimizing it citizens. And yes, every department should be held accountable.

      So from this date forward, I hope the city can work with the public to increase the productivity of our Antioch community and APD.

      And in reply to your comments: Yes, the streets of Antioch CA looks very different, as I have started to notice people who was once were looked upon as having elite social values are now eating the crumbs from the street. Not Good.

      However,the verbalism of today’s new poor people is only a naysays of yesterdays middle-class population. Nonetheless, after all is done the poorest people are called ghetto hood rats to the new poor. While these hood rats have a roof over their heads and the other new naysays are living under the HWY.

      So why is that and how are we going to move Antioch CA forward?

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