Antioch Council rejects proposed A Street mini-mart

Rejected proposed mini mart site on A St at the former drive-through dairy location.

Mayor says Antioch not filing for bankruptcy, city finances in “fine shape”

By Daniel Borsuk

Over concerns about crime, public loitering and drinking, the Antioch City Council unanimously denied Tuesday a request to approve a 1,200-square foot mini-mart to sell beer, wine and liquor at 2302 A St.

Council members were swayed to deny Amandeep Sing’s request to open a beer and liquor store at the A Street location when residents came forth to talk about their problems with homeless who are known to cause trouble in the area.

“I sincerely hope you don’t allow this business,” said Marsha Russo, who told council members about constant gunfire that she hears in her neighborhood.

Norton Street resident David Kundest said the proposed mini-mart will worsen conditions in the A Street area.  He said his neighborhood is plagued with homeless stealing private property, panhandling, urinating in public, and public intoxication.

“I’m struggling to see any positive things happening out of this application,” said City Council Member Tony Tiscareno.

The Antioch Planning Commission had rejected Singh’s mini-mart request based on the fact the store would not provide the required six off-street parking spaces.   He could only provide four parking spaces.

In other action, the council approved a 5-year $48.9 million capital improvement program.  Some of the features of the program include $10.5 million for wastewater and storm drain system projects, $14.2 million for roadway improvements, $800.000 for traffic signals, $600,000 for parks and trails and $400,000 for communication facilities.

Mayor Sean Wright also wanted to correct the public notion about the city’s financial condition.  Word has been circulating that the city’s financial stature might be wobbly.

“Antioch is in fine financial shape,” he said. “For those who ask if we are filing for bankruptcy the answer is no.  We have $25 million in reserves with no debt.”

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Rejected mini mart site on A St

10 Comments to “Antioch Council rejects proposed A Street mini-mart”

  1. Loretta Sweatt says:

    Thank you Mayor Wright for setting the record straight so I’m not scared to death about bankruptcy. You’re a great Mayor and a very smart and trustworthy person. You have my utmost respect. I’m so relieved to hear this. And I’m glad you voted down the A Street Mini Mart. You guys are doing great! Love and hugs to the Mayor, Council and Police Department! And thanks to the Antioch Herald.

  2. Steven Payne says:

    Not to mention unfunded retirement obligations, but no debt. Isn’t creative accounting wonderful? I wish we could all use it toward our household budget. Speaking of being creative with numbers, how about the nearly non-existent crime rate in Antioch? What a crock. I will not tolerate being lied to.Then again, that is the socialist way. One could be standing knee deep in human excrement and they would tell you it smells like roses so don’t complain. Suck it up Antioch, you voted for it.

  3. Marty Fernandez says:

    It is obvious Mayor Wright and I do not read the same budget figures nor does he listen to our very own Dawn Merchant, financial expert. 146 MILLION and growing by the hour Mayor Wright is the debt! 25 million in reserves will be gone in TWO years Mayor Wright.
    You and I need to sit down and have a serious discussion.

    • Terry Ramus says:


      The long-term problem is the amount that public employees are paid, especially on the retirement and benefits end. This is clearly a problem and it was just made much worse by the last City Council (new 5 yr contract). In addition, CALPERS mismanages the reserves and pays out too much, so it is a Statewide mess. The misconception is that the City has no options except to just pay-pay-pay into insolvency. It is not that simple. The Mayor is making the point that the City does not have large bond, property, loan and other debt that would lead to a traditional bankruptcy if the service on the debt exceeds revenue. However, the future projections for these employee costs allow other options. Beyond that it is a complicated topic.

  4. Rjb says:

    Hmm aren’t these the businesses that thrive in Antioch? Heck take the first Lone Tree exit and you’re greeted with two liquor stores right across the street from each other. Way to cater to the losers.

    How about we open more Autozones and liquor stores? We can have an Autozone and liquor store in every street in good’ol ghetto Antioch. Heck, there’s an abandoned shopping cart or two in every street ready for your convenience!

  5. Julio says:

    Mr. Mayor: Please Google Antioch faces bankruptcy and you will find all the information you need including quotes from yourself. I can also give you dates you have said the very same thing in meetings with clubs around town.

    The rose colored glasses need to come off and you need to be truthful.

  6. Ralph Hernandez says:

    Antioch is in “debt”, period. Consider the estimated $145,000,000 of unfunded liability that the City just admitted to know that we owe. THAT is “debt” (read the definition). The City spending is great if you want answers – as an example of the “debts” incured due to the recent 5 to 6 years employee contracts! And, not enough Police! More BS given to the public!

  7. Dale says:

    The word is out! That you can open a liquor store in Antioch and accept Food Stamps to sell food and cash out ….saw the same thing in Florida in a Police sting. They sell beer and smokes, give them cash take a fee and show it all as a food purchase…..

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