Writer concerned about Antioch budget deficits, says no more taxes

Dear Editor:

I saw a report in the Antioch Herald about future deficits in the city budget. The source of the problem is obvious. In general, public employee pay, medical benefits, and retirement have all escalated much faster than for comparable jobs in the private sector. This is a Statewide problem and must be addressed at every level of government. More tax is not the way to solve this problem.

I think it is time to take drastic steps. Do a better job of informing the citizens of Antioch that we have a problem. Only a few people will see a newspaper story. Put an insert in with the water bills. Contact every club, church and groups of every kind. Ask the Chamber of Commerce to request every business to post a prominent notice in their place of business. Refuse union demands for more and more. Stop thinking of more tax. Live within the current income.

If it takes bankruptcy to wake people up, then the City should start planning for a bankruptcy in a few years. Make every effort to balance the budget and if that fails then declare bankruptcy.

Joseph Ramus


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