Writer concerned with lack of complete Antioch crime information, sale of city owned properties

Dear Editor:

Good morning Antioch, welcome to the socialism for which you voted. It started long ago, however it is becoming more apparent by the day. The first noticeable action occurred when the ruling class, with no input from or communication with the ruled class, decided that the ruled class really has no right to know what our police force, a force that we have no choice but to pay for, is doing in our community.

Our only source of information was the heavily edited, weekly calls for service. Be assured, crime is down, trust us, just look at the statistics. Now access to even that skewed information is being denied. Any mathematician can tell you that statistics can be skewed to give the results wanted in any given situation. Now that any other sources of information have been cut off, trust us, crime is way down. Do not trust what you hear on the streets, that is just hearsay. We will give you the true facts as we deem necessary.

Someone has a great deal of property in Antioch that they are trying to unload in the midst of a crime wave never before experienced. Someone with a great deal of influence. Someone with no conscience. Someone with only their own well-being is steering us toward their goals and our demise. Someone untouchable in their own eyes. Hmmm…I wonder who might fit this description? Come on now, do I really have to come right out and say it? Do some research or end up losing, again.

Steven Payne


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  1. doe says:

    Ya okay… U sound like a lame fishin without a pole.

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