Writer says we were lied to about ban on plastic shopping bags

Dear Editor:

The local taxpayers have been lied to, again, by big business, special interests and corrupt politicians. Save the ecology was the cry. Stop the over pollution of landfills with non-biodegradable materials they shouted. Help to save the earth was their mantra. All very noble causes, indeed.

However, when one uses these tactics just to reap a much larger profit, there is something that gnaws at the back of my mind, eats away at my common sense, irritates me to no end. They got their way by tugging at the heart strings of decent people and shaming the rest into falling in line. All done in the name of greed cleverly disguised as a god send to the ecology minded.

I am talking about plastic shopping bags and the fact that they were not banned as promised when pushing this law down our throats (like so many others).

They actually banned the retail outlets from providing these bags “free of charge”. One can get as many of these “demon bags” as one desires for a fee. Let me get this straight. I don’t get them free but I still get them, they end up in the same location and the only difference is that the consumer pays for them directly. Prices have not reflected the retailer’s gain but the profit margin certainly has. As I said, lied to again.

Thanks for listening.

Steve Payne


5 Comments to “Writer says we were lied to about ban on plastic shopping bags”

  1. RJB says:

    Here’s another kicker. If you are on SECTION 8 or use FOOD STAMPS, you can have an UNLIMTED amount of FREE plastic grocery bags. Yes, that’s a fact. Ask any grocery store next you’re at checkout and they will confirm this.

    There is no ecological improvement with this ridiculous band. In other words, more handouts for people who don’t pay taxes.

    The working man is a sucker.

  2. Julio says:

    Ridiculous! Do I pay for their grocery bags when I pay for their free phones RJB? This country has gone to hell.

    • RJB says:

      That’s correct Julio. All the funds for section 8, free phones, free food, and free medical marijuana is funded by the tax paying working man woman.

      The working man woman is a sucker.

      • Fernando Navarro says:

        I actually told this very story on talk radio about 3years ago on ksfo. I picked the wrong day to go to Walmart at the wrong time(its was replenish night for the food stamp card) and a darling of a leech had a cart full of items. I had to wait behind her as she went through her haul. when the poor cashier asked her “how many bags are you buying”

        You would have thought the cashier had insulted her mother! The ‘Gal’ went on a verbal tirade. “YOU KNOW DAAA*N WELL ..I..DONT..PAY..FOR MY ..DA*N BAGS!!”

        She then stormed out of the store with her bounty. I then proceeded to ask the cashier. “did I just hear right? food stamp recipients dont pay for bags?”


        So whenever Im asked “do you want to buy a bag?”

        I just say. I don’t partake in Gov. Moonbeam’s madness, I will carry it like I stole it. Thank very much!

  3. Loretta Sweatt says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself n completely agree. It’s another “stick it to the people who work for a living”

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