Writer says sanctuary states, counties, cities and facilities are illegal, should be prosecuted


I believe that publicly financed “Sanctuary” States, Counties, Cities, and facilities for illegal immigrants are illegal, and they all should be prosecuted. In law one cannot harbor, assist, aid and abet, etc., anyone who has committed any criminal act – including of illegal immigrants. Those doing so are criminal “principals” under law, according to both state and federal laws.

The whole nonsense of allowing them to do so, under the guise of humanitarian and social necessity, are but criminally disguised acts that need to be brought to justice asap! We can no longer allow or justify the ‘bleeding hearts’ and illegal immigrants everywhere to dictate to us what is or is not legally right. They have to entirely be cut off from any related public funding, and now. And, any public cfficial criminally involved should immediately forfeit their position, and forever be barred from ever holding public office again.

Sure, give them their claimed “rights” to a prosecution and court system that America still has in place. Then they each should pay the ‘price’ for their violating our laws, to include incarceration, fines, and dispatching the illegals out of the USA. We must insist on upholding the laws against those who commit the crimes.

Ralph A. Hernandez


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  1. Steven Payne says:

    You are 100% correct. If city and state officials continue to choose which laws they want to enforce, perhaps the public will choose which laws that they want to obey. You can’t have it both ways. Either they are laws or they are not. If there is one public official with a semblance of justice for the American people, let that person speak out.Silence.

  2. James C Morris Sr. says:

    Ralph, Truer words have never been spoken! These cities must be cut off from all federal funds, and if the state is dumb enough to declare itself a sanctuary, no federal funds even for calamities. Left wing, bleeding hearts, progressive are all just buzz words for communist, socialist, lawbreaking nitwits. A society cannot long endure lawlessness. Illegal aliens are criminals in need of prosecution, and anyone or group who aids and abets them is as guilty, if not more so. These people rob us blind and demand more! Democrats have no souls. They have sold them for the price of votes. We don’t need a southern border wall! All we need is for the “e-verify laws to be rigidly enforced! Illegal entrants will legally deport themselves. Working citizens of America (the US) UNITE! and demand e-verify or heavy penalties. Great writing Ralph!!!

  3. Marty Fernandez says:

    People seem to over look the meaning of illegal. Contrary to law, against the law. This is a country of laws the illegals seem to be able to pick and choose to obey. Come into this country legally and I will respect you and your right to chose. Illegally you have no rights. Our laws must be enforced at all levels.

  4. Arne Simonsen says:

    All federal funds must be cut off to any governmental jurisdiction that declares itself a so-call sanctuary city.
    And any elected official who votes to become a “sanctuary” has violated the oath they took to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…..” !!!

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