Antioch’s interim city manager offers brief message on transition

Ron Bernal. file photo

By Allen Payton

In his first Weekly Report, dated March 17, 2017, Antioch’s Interim City Manager Ron Bernal offered the following message about his service while the city council pursues hiring a permanent replacement for former City Manager Steve Duran.

“The departure of former City Manager Duran on Tuesday night has resulted in a whirlwind transition to the new position of Interim City Manager.  I am prepared and committed to keeping the City of Antioch moving in a positive and prosperous direction,” Bernal wrote. “As we begin the process of securing a permanent City Manager, the support of the City Council, staff, local businesses and the individuals and families that call Antioch home is appreciated.”

Bernal was promoted to the part-time position of Assistant City Manager on April 17, last year. He is also the city’s Public Works Director. (See related article).

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4 Comments to “Antioch’s interim city manager offers brief message on transition”

  1. Frederick Rouse says:

    Ron; Let me know if I can be of any help. The City of Antioch now needs to be run like a business. Measurable Goals, Commitment Dates, Forecasts, Measure of Completion and Pay for performance. With these rule/changes in place, we will make great progress.

    • Loretta Sweatt says:

      I’m just wondering if Antioch really needs to pay $250k salary? and 1 yr. severance. Seems a bit high to me? What do you think?

  2. Michael Sagehorn says:

    I’ve known Ron for a long time. Our sons were in Cub Scouts together and he has been an honest and trusted civil servant. He is a good and honorable man. Antioch’s leaders should put him in charge.

    Michael Sagehorn

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