New indoor mega-water park and resort in Brentwood, near border of Antioch, being studied

A Great Wolf Lodge water park and resort is being considered for a location in Brentwood near Antioch’s eastern border and Highway 4. Photo courtesy of Great Wolf Lodge.

By Allen Payton

According to a January article in the Brentwood Press, Great Wolf Lodge resorts may open an indoor mega-water park in Brentwood and is undergoing a feasibility study by an independent, outside agency.

The Wisconsin-based company operates 15 parks around the nation, including one in Anaheim that just opened, and one in Canada. They featurie an indoor water park, a hotel, family entertainment centers, restaurants, retail stores and meeting rooms fit for conferences and seminars.

If Brentwood is chosen, the 50-acre, 500- to 800-room resort will likely be located near Sand Creek Road off Highway 4, according to the Press report. If it’s on the west side of Highway 4, then it would be located on Antioch’s border along the planned extension of Heidorn Ranch Road, which is to intersect with an extended Sand Creek Road between Highway 4 in Brentwood and Deer Valley Road in Antioch.

In January, the Brentwood City Council voted to spend $275,000 on an independent study on the economic viability of the resort.

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7 Comments to “New indoor mega-water park and resort in Brentwood, near border of Antioch, being studied”

  1. Loretta Sweatt says:

    Well isn’t that just wonderful? People can just drive right through Antioch to Brentwood to spend all their entertainment, weekend/adventure $$$$$. But where does that leave us?

  2. Julio says:

    Check this out first. It is understood the park will not be open to the public ONLY to those staying at the resort.

    By the way most people in Brentwood do not want this due to traffic on their roads and many other reasons. Be a mess on the Bypass Road and Lone Tree Way.

    • JP says:

      Julio, This is not true. Have you taken a poll of the people in the area to say “most” do not want it?
      As you stated in your first sentence, It is only for those staying at the resort and not open to the public like Disneyland is. So the traffic would not be that great since people would not be lining up at the gates in the mornings.

  3. HJ says:

    Will it likely be located passed Sand Creek Kaiser, in the open field area?

    • Publisher says:

      Thank you for reading the Herald.
      It’s planned for the area in Brentwood near Highway 4 (aka the Bypass) near the Sand Creek Road interchange, south of Home Depot and Kohl’s.
      Allen Payton, Publisher

  4. Rjb says:

    I wonder if they’ll take section 8 vouchers for the hotel so Antioch residents can attend.

    • haha says:

      Wow, so you really think all residents of Antioch are on Section 8. You would be shocked at the amount of families in Brentwood, Oakley, and Byron with Section 8. Do some research!

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