Movie filmed in Antioch last summer by director from Antioch to premier Sunday on TV

Forgotten Evil starring Kyle McKeever and Masiela Lusha shot in Antioch, will air this Sunday night on LMN. photo courtesy of LMN

By Allen Payton

For those who were extras in the film shot in Antioch, last summer by Antioch High School graduate and director Anthony C. Ferrante – of Sharknado fame – you’ll want to be sure to pop some popcorn, grab a seat and watch or DVR the premier on Lifetime’s LMN TV channel, this Sunday night at 8:00 p.m.

Director Anthony Ferrante and crew shooting Forgotten Evil outside El Campanil Theatre in Antioch’s historic, downtown Rivertown in August, 2016. photo by Allen Payton

Entitled, “Forgotten Evil” the movie was filmed in various locations in Antioch for a few weeks in August, including Antioch High School and the historic El Campanil Theatre in downtown Rivertown and included Antioch residents as extras. (See related Herald article.)

The movie synopsis is, as follows: Renee awakens, sinking underwater inside a tightly tied sack. Struggling, she somehow breaks out from her underwater coffin. When she awakens again, she remembers nothing. Without a past, she is released from the hospital and forced to start a life anew. Amongst the new faces that enter her life, there is an old one, one that she does not recognize–her husband. As he grows closer and closer, those around her fall victim to deadly accidents. Now Renee must remember her past if she is to have a future.”

The film stars Masiela Lusha and Kyle McKeever in the leading roles, as well as Angie Teodora Dick, Adrian Bustamante and Jeff Marchelletta. To learn more about the full cast and crew, click here.

It is scheduled to show again at Midnight from For more information about the film, visit and for show times, click here.


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  1. sandra says:

    I enjoyed seeing locations around the delta that I recognized. Good movie!

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