McNerney introduces bill to strengthen Internet of Things security, protect consumers

Washington, D.C. – On Thursday, March 2, 2017, Rep. Jerry McNerney (CA-09) introduced H.R. 1324, the Securing IoT Act, which requires that Internet of Things (IoT) devices be certified to be in compliance with cybersecurity standards. The bill directs the Federal Communications Commission, in consultation with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, to develop standards that address cybersecurity throughout the lifecycle of the IoT device.

“The proliferation of IoT devices creates immense opportunities for our society, including new jobs and efficiencies in all aspects of our everyday lives. However, the security of these devices has not kept up with the rapid pace of innovation and deployment,” said Rep. McNerney. “Security vulnerabilities in IoT devices are likely to pose threats to our national security and endanger our nation’s economy. This is especially concerning given that at least 20 billion devices are anticipated to be in use by 2020. My legislation, the Securing IoT Act, helps to address this issue by requiring that security standards be established for IoT devices and that these devices be certified to meet those standards. The legislation will help strengthen this market and protect consumers, business, and all the benefits that IoT devices offer.”

Last fall, McNerney raised concerns about the distributed denial-of-service attack on Dyn’s servers, which resulted from security weaknesses in IoT devices, and he joined his Democratic colleagues on the House Energy and Commerce Committee in calling for a hearing to examine the matter.

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  1. Fernando Navarro says:

    wow, a Democrat ‘progressive’ ….endorsing the super surveillance state. BEWARE THE INTERNET OF THINGS! look it up, google it. Their vision of OUR future is a world even worse than George Orwell’s 1984. it won’t be a simple T.v. that monitors you. In the Democrats demonic desires, it will be your watch, your refrigerator, Smart tv, the street lights, the mailbox. everything!! because EVERYTHING will be connected to the surveillance GRID!

    stop connecting your home alarm, your thermostat, your garage door, ……dopes, even your doorbell! use common sense, if its online….IT CAN BE HACKED!

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