Big fight at hospital, gunfight inside home, stolen cars among Antioch Police calls for Jan. 5-11, 2017

Antioch Police calls for service highlights as published in City Manager Steve Duran’s Weekly Report dated January 12, 2017 and provided by Chief of Police Allan Cantando.

Calls for Service & Arrest Data Summary:

Time Period: 01/05/17 00:00:00 – 01/11/17 23:59:59

Number of Calls for Service: 1,607

Number of Case Reports: 271

Number of Arrests: 86

Felony: 44

Misdemeanor: 42

Arrests with DUI charge: 2

The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.

  • · 1/11/17 at 10:52 pm, 29 year old James Sims was contacted by police on Lemontree Wy. and found to have a warrant for his arrest. He was released with a new court date on a signed promise to appear.
  • · 1/11/17 at 5:47 pm, 48 year old Nathan Watson came to the APD lobby to register as a sex offender. It was learned that Watson last registered on 12/17/14. He also admitted that he has been living in Antioch since December of 2016. Watson was found to be on parole. Watson was arrested for failing to register. His parole officer was contacted and placed him on a parole hold. Watson was later booked into County Jail.
  • · 1/11/17 at 3:47 pm, officers were dispatched to the dead end of Viera Ave. for several vehicles stuck in the mud in a field. Officers arrived on scene, and 34 year old Ronald McKinsey and 22 year old Savannah Vetterli fled on foot from where the vehicles were stuck. Vetterli and McKinsey were detained and three of the four vehicles stuck were found to be stolen out of Antioch. The fourth vehicle belonged to McKinsey, and he was using one of the stolen vehicles to attempt to free his vehicle from the mud. Vetterli and McKinsey were arrested for possession of the stolen vehicles. Vetterli was later released and McKinsey was booked at the APD jail.
  • · 1/11/17 at 2:53 pm, the victim was getting out of her car in the 2700 block of Delta Fair Blvd. when she was approached by two unknown males holding handguns. The suspects took the victim’s purse, cell phone and car keys. They fled on foot towards San Jose Dr. Officers checked the area and were able to locate the victim’s cell phone in an adjacent apartment complex. The suspects were not located.
  • · 1/11/17 at 12:06 pm, Dispatch received information about a stolen vehicle in the area of Mahogany Way and Auto Center Dr. An officer located the stolen truck getting off Hwy 4 at A St. A high risk stop was conducted, and 35 year old Daniel Fernandez was arrested without incident. He was sent to County Jail.
  • · 1/11/17 at 7:00 am, Community Engagement Team (CET) officers patrolled the downtown area and issued 14 citations for possession of shopping carts. They also collected approximately 40 shopping carts.
  • · 1/10/17 at 6:02 pm, witnesses called APD after they saw a silver Honda Pilot drive across the median into the northbound lanes of Deer Valley Rd., then back across the median northbound in the southbound lanes. The Honda continued northbound on Deer Valley Rd. and crossed the median back into the northbound lanes, then made a left turn onto Rocky Point Dr. The Honda then veered across the roadway and collided with a tree in the front yard of a home on Rocky Point Dr. The driver of the Honda, a 16 year old female, was extremely intoxicated, but was uninjured. The juvenile was transported to an area hospital for her level of intoxication and was admitted. Blood was drawn and her parents responded to take custody of her. The juvenile was released to her parents.
  • · 1/10/17 at 4:20 pm, officers were dispatched to a subject attempting to cash a stolen check at the Bank of America on 18th St. An officer contacted 25 year old Jesse Hernandez at the teller counter with the confirmed stolen check. Hernandez immediately stated he was told by the subjects outside in the white vehicle with the pink stripe to cash the check for them. The officer saw the vehicle pulling away and directed his incoming cover officer to stop it, which he did. 23 year old Cesar Valdivia was the driver and 25 year old Berenice Manzano was a passenger. Officers located additional stolen checks and forgery equipment in the vehicle. Valdivia, Manzano, and Hernandez were all arrested on fraud charges and sent to County Jail.
  • · 1/10/17 at 2:40 pm, an officer recognized 33 year old Michael Woodruff on Rossi Ave. and knew he had an outstanding warrant. The officer conducted a pedestrian stop and placed Woodruff under arrest without incident. Woodruff was sent to County Jail.
  • · 1/10/17 at 11:11 am, officers located a stolen vehicle unoccupied in the McDonald’s parking lot on Mahogany Way. Officers covertly observed the vehicle from the distance and watched 38 year old Kenneth Bough and 29 year old Katie Neal get in and drive away. They conducted a High Risk Stop as it pulled over in an apartment complex. The driver-Bough and the passenger-Neal were arrested without incident. Bough was transported to County Jail and Neal was released.
  • · 1/10/17 at 9:45 am, officers were on W.16th St. on an unrelated call, when a silver Nissan stopped up the street abruptly, and the two occupants ran into a house. Dispatch had just broadcast a report of a stolen silver Nissan that was seen on Sycamore Dr. Officers ran the license plate of the Nissan, and it returned as a stolen vehicle. Officers established a perimeter, and the suspects, 24 year old William Millard and 25 year old Kevin Huff, came out on their own. Officers positively identified Millard as the driver and Huff as the passenger. Both were arrested without incident. Millard was sent to County Jail and Huff was released.
  • · 1/10/17 at 7:40 am, an officer contacted 33 year old Bradley Owen during a suspicious vehicle contact on Auto Center Dr. Owen was found to have an outstanding warrant. He was arrested without incident and sent to County Jail.
  • · 1/9/17 at 10:26 pm, officers contacted 40 year old Andy Cingle during a suspicious vehicle check at Jack in the Box on Hillcrest Ave. Cingle was out of compliance as a sex offender registrant. He was arrested and booked at County Jail.
  • · 1/9/17 at 3:52 pm, an officer stopped 24 year old Daniel Oneal loading an ATV into a truck on Fulton Shipyard Road. A VIN check showed the ATV to be stolen from a residential burglary in Knightsen. Oneal was arrested and sent to County Jail for the stolen vehicle.
  • · 1/8/17 at 8:58 pm, an officer went to a residence on Delta Fair Blvd. where he contacted 29 year old Rosha Booker at the door. She was found to have a warrant and taken into custody without incident. Booker was sent to County Jail. · 1/8/17 at 5:40 pm, 35 year old Benny Gentry was contacted by officers at K-Mart during a medical call. Officers interviewed Gentry who had a warrant. A search of Gentry yielded methamphetamine and a pipe. Gentry was arrested on his warrant as well as narcotics charges and sent to County Jail.
  • · 1/8/17 at 4:33 am, 22 year old Gabriel Loera was contacted at Country Manor Park on Asilomar Dr. Loera was found to have a warrant for his arrest and was sent to County Jail.
  • · 1/7/17 at 9:30 pm, 47 year old Donald Roller was contacted at the BART Station. Roller was found to have a warrant for his arrest. He was issued a new court date and cite released.
  • · 1/7/17 at 6:55 pm, the victim reported that she was inside her house on Banyan Way when she heard an argument and some loud “bangs.” She came outside approximately 30 minutes later and found her front gate vandalized. She immediately suspected her next door neighbors due to a recent dispute about a barking dog. When officers arrived on scene, they reviewed video from the victim’s surveillance cameras. 28 year old Hector Bustamante was captured on surveillance kicking in the gate with a black pistol in his hand. While officers were on scene, Bustamante and others from the house exited their residence and were contacted. Officers recognized Bustamante from the surveillance and attempted to conduct a pat-down search. Hector was uncooperative and had to be placed in handcuffs. One of the subjects from the house admitted to officers that the gun had been placed in his bedroom after the incident. He told officers exactly where it was and allowed them to retrieve it. Officers located the gun which had no record on file. The gun was loaded and had a 30 round magazine. Bustamante was arrested for vandalism and weapons charges and sent to County Jail.
  • · 1/7/17 at 6:46 pm, an officer contacted 32 year old Christopher Lane in front of Bonfare on 10th St. A records check revealed Lane had warrants for his arrest. Lane was arrested without incident and booked into County Jail.
  • · 1/7/17 at 3:20 pm, officers were on patrol in the area of Delta Fair Blvd. and recognized 36 year old Melody Brown. A records check revealed Brown had an outstanding warrant. She was arrested and transported to County Jail.
  • · 1/7/17 at 3:20 pm, employees at the Shell Gas Station on Lone Tree Way called the police when they saw 53 year old Wayne Buntyn at the gas station. They were advised by the manager that Buntyn (a regular) was wanted for a stabbing that occurred on 1/4/17. When officers arrived and tried to detain Buntyn, he ran across Lone Tree Way and down the trail. Officers caught up to Buntyn and he surrendered without incident. He was arrested for the earlier stabbing. A search of his person revealed suspected narcotics and paraphernalia. He was transported to County Jail for felony assault, narcotics charges, and resisting arrest.
  • · 1/7/17 at 11:44 am, 47 year old Sandra Rosemon was contacted by police on the railroad tracks near Sycamore Dr. and determined to have a warrant. She was arrested without incident and sent to County Jail.
  • · 1/7/17 at 9:30 am, officers located a stolen motorcycle in the driveway of a home on South Lake Dr. The homeowner was contacted at the door and advised the motorcycle belonged to 27 year old Corey Whittington, but he was not sure if he was home. The homeowner gave permission to search the residence for Whittington. 42 year old Kirk Statzell was contacted in the rear room and determined to be on probation and have an outstanding warrant. He was arrested without incident. While on scene, Whittington came home and admitted to receiving the motorcycle as a gift a couple days ago. The motorcycle was confirmed to be stolen. Whittington was arrested without incident. Whittington and Statzell were transported to County Jail.
  • · 1/7/17 at 2:18 am, officers responded to multiple calls reporting gunfire inside and around an address in the 3600 block of Garrow Dr. While en route, calls came from inside the residence saying people were being shot inside, and subjects were fleeing. Upon arrival, officers were met with several uncooperative, adult females in front of the residence. Approximately 25 more subjects were inside the residence and closed the door as officers approached. Several commands were given to the subjects inside the residence, and eventually the owner came out. She stated subjects had a gunfight inside her house during a party. Eventually, the remaining subjects inside the home came out, as well. It was learned that a fight erupted in the residence after several uninvited guests showed up. Unknown persons began shooting at each other and then fled the scene. There was evidence of a shooting inside the home, but no one was struck by gunfire. All of the occupants were uncooperative. The suspects are unknown at this time.
  • · 1/6/17 at 7:09 pm, the victim was in the 900 block of Fitzuren Rd. when she was carjacked by an unknown male. Her car was found burned in Stockton several hours later. No suspects were located.
  • · 1/6/17 at 5:10 pm, numerous calls came into dispatch regarding a fire and possible explosions at a homeless camp at Viera Lane and Oakley Rd. There were no injuries and no structures were threatened. It is unknown how the fire started but ConFire is conducting an investigation.
  • · 1/6/17 at 6:48 am, 31 year old Michael Hamilton and 26 year old Joseph Castro stole food items from the Shell Gas Station on Auto Center Dr. and fled on foot. They were contacted by officers in the area and arrested. Hamilton was on probation and booked into County Jail.
  • · 1/5/17 at 9:11 pm, security at the Kaiser Hospital on Sand Creek Rd. called to report a large fight between 10-15 people in the ER. Upon officers’ arrival, most of the group had left. 22 year old Fatima Lindsey was still in the ER yelling and irate. Security asked her to leave the property several times and, when she refused, they requested she be placed under citizen’s arrest for trespassing. Lindsey was placed in handcuffs and escorted to a patrol car. She refused to sign a citation or calm down. She was later transported to County Jail. The other parties of the original disturbance were not located.
  • · 1/5/17 at 11:16 am, the staff at Burger King on Mahogany Way, called APD to report a transient in the business bothering customers. Officers contracted 32 year old Jane Malek and found her to have a warrant for her arrest. She was arrested and booked into County Jail.


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