Two same-day Macbook Pro thefts at Starbucks among Antioch Police calls for service for week of Dec. 22-28, 2016

Plus armed robbery, shoplifting, trespassing, drugs, stolen vehicles and many outstanding warrants

Antioch Police calls for service highlights as published in the Weekly Report by Assistant City Manager Ron Bernal dated December 30, 2016 and provided by Chief of Police Allan Cantando.

Calls for Service and Arrest Data Summary

Time Period: 12/22/16 00:00:00 – 12/28/16 23:59:59

Number of Calls for Service: 1,471

Number of Case Reports: 247

Number of Arrests: 70

Felony: 29

Misdemeanor: 41

Arrests with

DUI charge: 4

The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.

●12/28/16 at 11:46 pm, an officer contacted 38 year old Lewis Wright during a pedestrian stop at Jack’s Car Wash on Fitzuren Rd. Wright was found to have two warrants for his arrest. Wright was arrested and booked into County Jail.

●12/28/16 at 1:57 pm, officers contacted 46 year old Chris Osborne on a traffic stop on A St. and determined him to be on parole. A search was conducted and officers located methamphetamine for sales. Osborne was arrested for narcotics sales and booked into County Jail.

●12/28/16 at 12:39 pm, officers contacted 40 year old Matthew King on a pedestrian stop near 7-11 on Sunset Lane and found him to have a warrant for his arrest. King was booked into County Jail.

●12/28/16 at 2:24 am, 46 year old Shannon Johnson called the police because he believed his girlfriend was hiding in his brother’s bedroom. Officers made contact with Johnson and soon realized he displayed the symptoms of being under the influence of a controlled substance. A check of the residence, including brother’s room, revealed no girlfriend but a parole check of Johnson’s person revealed an amount of methamphetamine for personal use. Johnson was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and Parole placed a hold on him for the violation. Johnson was transported to County Jail.

●12/28/16 at 1:30 am, Sutter Delta Hospital security called APD because 65 year old Andrew Norwood refused to leave the property of the hospital after being discharged. Security placed Norwood under citizen’s arrest for trespassing and officers took custody of him. Norwood was transported to County Jail for trespassing.

●12/27/16 at 8:43 pm, an officer conducted a traffic stop on Manzanita Way And Mahogany Way on a motorcycle for having no license plates. A check of the VIN revealed the motorcycle was listed as stolen out of Burlingame. 37 year old Michael Siscar was arrested without incident and claimed to have recently purchased the motorcycle for $100 from a neighborhood resident. Siscar was transported to County Jail for the stolen vehicle.

●12/27/16 at 3:23 pm, an officer located a stolen vehicle at the gas pumps at the Shell Gas Station on Auto Center Dr. 25 year old Ross Funcannon was seated in the driver seat of the vehicle and attempted to walk away after seeing the officer. Funcannon was detained without incident and found to be on parole for burglary. He was arrested and booked into County Jail for the stolen vehicle as well as a violation of parole.

●12/27/16 at 2:42 pm, officers responded to Starbucks on A St. for a report of a female on the phone asking for the police. Upon arrival, officers contacted an adult male subject and 28 year old Jessie Elery. After speaking with the pair, officers learned no crime was committed; however, Elery was found to have a warrant for her arrest. She was arrested without incident and booked into County Jail.

●12/27/16 at 10:40 am, officers responded to 7-11 on Sunset Lane for a suspicious vehicle possibly involved in narcotics sales. Officers contacted 24 year old Dylan Douglas who was found to have a felony warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and booked into County Jail.

●12/27/16 at 2:20 am, an officer was patrolling the parking lot of the Shell Gas Station on Hillcrest Ave. when he ran the plate on a U-Haul van parked at the gas pumps. The van returned as a stolen vehicle, and 51 year old Annette Corriveau was contacted in the driver seat. She was arrested without incident and transported to the County Jail for the stolen vehicle.

●12/26/16 at 7:52 pm, officers were dispatched to a fight on the front porch of a residence on Greystone Drive. 27 year old Antwon Redmon was contacted on the porch, and it was determined that there was no fight. A records check of Redmon revealed a warrant. He was arrested and booked at County Jail.

●12/26/16 at 2:20 pm, the victim was sitting in her vehicle near Taco Bell on Lone Tree Way when an unknown male approached her driver window. The male lifted his sweatshirt to expose a handgun in his waistband while demanding property from the victim. The victim gave the male some cash and he walked off towards Taco Bell. The victim drove home and then reported the incident. The responsible was not located.

●12/26/16 at 2:03 pm, two suspects entered Sears on Somersville Road with a suitcase and selected numerous items. They stuffed all the items in the suitcase and attempted to leave the store. A loss prevention officer attempted to stop the couple resulting in the merchandise spilling out on the floor. The female suspect started punching the loss prevention officer while the male half collected the stolen items. Eventually, the female reached in her purse and threatened to shoot the loss prevention officer, but no gun was seen. The two suspects fled the store on foot towards Potomac Ct. The suspects were not located.

●12/26/16 at 2:02 pm, officers were working a proactive detail when they located 47 year old James Gregory on K St. and 10th St. He was found to have two warrants and booked in County Jail.

●12/26/16 at 8:16 am, officers were dispatched to Cataline Ave. for a suspicious vehicle in the area. They made contact with 23 year old Tony Brooks. During a consent search, officers located methamphetamine and heroin. Brooks was arrested and given a citation.

●12/26/16 at 7:53 am, the victims were at 5th St. and L St. trying to meet up with a friend. While they were parked on the side of the road, a white pickup pulled up and the suspects got out. One male suspect and one female suspect were armed with guns. The victims were assaulted, ultimately resulting in the suspects taking the victim’s white 2003 Ford Taurus. The suspects fled in the victim’s car and in the pickup. Officers circulated the area but were not able to find the victim vehicle.

●12/25/16 at 8:51 pm, 19 year old Luis Morales was contacted during a traffic stop for erratic driving. He displayed objective symptoms of being intoxicated and refused field sobriety tests. He was arrested for DUI and consented to a blood draw. He was subsequently booked into the County Jail.

●12/25/16 at 11:53 am, officers contacted several subjects in front of a residence on Manzanita Way 44 year old Jeffrey Rice was found to have a warrant for his arrest. He was released with a new court date.

●12/25/16 at 7:15 am, an unknown suspect entered 7-11 on E. 18th St. and went to the bathroom where he stayed for approximately 30 minutes. The suspect came out of the bathroom, approached the clerk and pointed a revolver at him. The clerk ran into the back room and locked the door. The suspect attempted to open the register, but when he couldn’t get into it, he fled the store on foot westbound on E. 18th St. Officers circulated the area, but the suspect was not located. There was no loss for the business.

●12/24/16 at 10:23 pm, an officer conducted a traffic stop on a van with paper plates at the Hillcrest Ave. and E. Lake Dr. A check of the VIN revealed it to be stolen out of Antioch from Templer’s Tow a few days prior. The driver, 30 year old Adam Renfroe, was arrested without incident and transported to the County Jail. During an inventory search of the vehicle, a suspected stolen safe and compressor were located. A Trak flyer was completed in an effort to identify an owner of the suspected stolen property.

●12/24/16 at 5:37 pm, an officer contacted 46 year old Joseph Simoni and another subject in a vehicle in the parking lot of the Ramada Inn on Mahogany Way. Simoni was found to have a warrant. He was arrested and booked at County Jail.

●12/24/16 at 3:33 pm, several witnesses called to report a fight at the Big Lots on Somersville Rd. Responding officers located 36 year old Melody Brown nearby and she matched the description of one of the responsibles. A 71 year old male was contacted at the store and determined to be the victim. He had minor injuries, was not cooperative, and refused to conduct an infield. Brown was found to have three warrants and was booked at County Jail.

●12/24/16 at 3:09 pm, 58 year old Don Gonzales was stopped by officers for vehicle code violations near 1500 W. 4th St. He was found to have a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and sent to County Jail.

●12/24/16 at 2:30 pm, Walmart security called to report 26 year old Jagurtha Sbili was on the property and had already been warned for trespassing. Officers made contact with Sbili and detained him without incident. Security signed a citizen’s arrest for Sbili and he was booked in County Jail for likely to continue.

●12/24/16 at 1:22 pm, 49 year old Kevin Baity was contacted by police at a home on Pinecrest Ct. during a suspicious circumstance call. Baity was found to have a cite/release warrant out of Oakland. He was arrested and released with a new court date.

●12/24/16 at 7:59 am, the victim called APD from the Red and Green on 4th St. to report she was in an altercation with a female subject outside the store; and during the incident, her vehicle was stolen. Officers were able to identify the female suspect as 39 year old Shadia Mitchell-Richards who has been arrested numerous times in the past. A report was taken and officers circulated for the car. At 2:01 pm, an officer saw the stolen vehicle driving towards him on 2nd St. near L St. The officer gestured for the driver to pull over and she complied. The driver was found to be Mitchell-Richards and she was arrested without incident. The passengers, 54 year old Michael Jiles and 37 year old Gregory Eutsey both had felony warrants and were also arrested without incident. All were booked into County Jail.

●12/23/16 at 8:31 pm, 45 year old Rachel Stanko was contacted during a vehicle stop and found to have a warrant for her arrest. She was taken into custody without incident and booked into County Jail.

●12/23/16 at 7:56 pm, the victim was seated inside Starbucks on Lone Tree Way facing away from the door when a male entered the store. The male reached over his shoulder and grabbed his Macbook Pro. The suspect attempted to flee to a waiting vehicle but the victim was too close so the male continued to run towards Lone Tree Way. Eventually, he was picked up by the getaway vehicle and driven away. The victim attempted to track the computer but it was moving and unable to be located in one particular area. Both this case and an earlier incident are under investigation.

●12/23/16 at 5:25 pm, the victim was sitting in Starbucks in the Bluerock Center working on his homework at a table. He saw two males near the bathroom. He also observed a white sedan pulling into the front parking lot. He believes the vehicle was an older model Toyota. As soon as the vehicle pulled into the parking lot, he heard one of the males saying, “Let’s go”. They both ran and grabbed his Apple Macbook Pro from the table. The two males got into the passenger seat of the vehicle. The vehicle sped away towards Lone Tree Way.

●12/23/16 at 9:57 am, the reporting party called to report 28 year old Moises Sanchez was trespassing again at the Food Maxx on Lone Tree Way. Sanchez was contacted by police and arrested at the reporting party’s request. Sanchez was booked at the APD jail and later released on a citation.

●12/23/16 at 12:15 am, officers responded to a silent alarm at a building in the business park off Verne Roberts Circle. 46 year old Lee Cash and 31 year old Michael Hamilton were contacted in the complex walking away from the area of the business. Neither offered a reason for them to be in the complex after hours. Both had broken glass and sheetrock on their clothing. A smashed window was found at the business with a hole kicked into a back wall. An extension cord was also found in back of the business that was setup as a climbing rope. The roof hatch was also found open. A subscriber responded and confirmed a camera was missing from a desk. Cash and Hamilton denied being in the business, smashing the window, or being on the roof. An area check was made for the missing camera with negative results. Cash and Lee were taken into custody and booked into County Jail for burglary.

●12/23/16 at 12:14 am, an officer saw 40 year old Jose Hernandez at an apartment complex on Mahogany Way. He knew Hernandez from prior contacts and knew he had a cite-able warrant for his arrest. Hernandez was contacted and issued a new court date.

●12/22/16 at 4:09 pm, the victim called 9-1-1 advising she was alone and two subjects were trying to get into the residence on Forty Niner Way. She remained on the phone as the subjects continued to try and enter the rear slider. Eventually, the subjects did make entry through a window. The victim locked herself in a bedroom and waited for officers to arrive. Upon arrival, officers detained a juvenile subject on a bike leaving the area. The 14 year old male matched the description of one of the responsibles; however, two other suspects fled on bikes and were not located. The juvenile denied entering the home but was found to have items possibly taken from the residence. The juvenile was arrested and released to his mother with a citation.

●12/22/16 at 11:50 am, 30 year old Zachary Carpenter was contacted by an officer at the Bonfare Market on W. 10th St. and found to have a warrant for vandalism. Carpenter was arrested and booked into County Jail.

●12/22/16 at 10:08 am, a stolen vehicle was located travelling eastbound on Mahogany Way. A traffic enforcement stop was conducted on the vehicle and 28 year old Kia Richardson was contacted driving the car. She stated she borrowed the car and did not know the car was stolen. Richardson was arrested and booked into County Jail on a stolen vehicle charge.

●12/22/16 at 8:12 am, a concerned citizen saw an unusual substance spilled in the roadway on Mandarin Way and flagged down a patrol officer. It was determined there was about a 3 foot by 3 foot area of spilled Mercury. ConFire Engine 83 responded and contacted County Hazmat who responded. The spill took about two hours to clean and it was never determined where the Mercury came from. There was never any danger to the public.

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