Letter writer agrees with commentary against Delta Tunnels, wants more good news


I appreciate the posting of this commentary by the Antioch Herald and look forward to much more factual news and commentaries regarding the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary in future publications. What happens with the water that passes through the river by Antioch is of utmost importance to every Antioch citizen.

Like the consistent reportings of killings, robberies, etc. in Antioch from the Herald, I encourage civic articles related to civic government and leaders, our environmental resources to water, clean air and utilities, healthcare issues in Antioch, issues that are addressing the homeless, highlighting leadership that is actually changing the way the Council operates to enhance business growth, stop spending dollars on the same-ole (the raise to city workers-excuse me, they, too should pull in their belts-and do the work that they are hired to do).

Antioch at this point is now as a high-crime area, government that is running as they did in the good ole days. This city is large in population, most of its residents are in cars for hours getting to and from work. How could they engage in this community? They are exhausted.

Yet the beat goes on for the 12 years I have been a resident. Many have moved and will move including me. I am not a killer, robber, pay good taxes, have pride in my home and neighborhood though many living right by me don’t. Please help change the “culture and thus image” of Antioch, CA.

Linda Soliven

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