‘Tis the season for shoplifting, grand theft, stolen cars, DUI’s, burglary among Antioch Police calls for service for Dec. 1-8, 2016

Antioch Police calls for service highlights as published in City Manager Steve Duran’s Weekly Report dated December 9, 2016 and provided by Chief of Police Allan Cantando.

Calls for Service and Arrest Data:

Time Period: 12/01/16 00:00:00 – 12/07/16 23:59:59

Number of Calls for Service: 1,743

Number of Case Reports: 258

Number of Arrests: 70

Felony: 32

Misdemeanor: 36

Infraction: 2

Arrests with DUI charge: 3

The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.

  • ·12/8/16 at 4:17 am, a resident on Sandy Wy. heard a noise in front of his home and came out to 24 year old Charles McWethy rummaging through his truck that was parked in the driveway. McWethy fled on foot, and the resident gave a good description. An area check was made, and McWethy was found walking in the area. The homeowner identified him through an infield line-up as the one who he had seen in his truck. He stated his truck had been locked when he went to bed last night, and it did not appear McWethy had time to get anything. McWethy was found to be in possession of suspected methamphetamine, several burglary tools, and a large concealed fixed blade knife. McWethy was transported and booked into County Jail on multiple charges.
  • ·12/8/16 at 12:17 am, Officers contacted 46 year old Christina Snowden during a vehicle stop. She was found to have a warrant for her arrest and taken into custody without incident. She was transported and booked into County Jail.
  • ·12/7/16 at 5:44 pm, 30 year old Dashun Levingston and two unknown males entered Sears and grabbed approximately 50 pairs of Levi jeans from the sales floor. Levingston and the two males fled the store without paying for the merchandise. Loss prevention called the police to make the theft report, which was estimated to be approximately $3,000 in loss. Loss prevention was familiar with Levingston and was able to positively identify him as the responsible. The officer was also familiar with Levingston and later located him on Sycamore Dr. near the Quik Stop. Levingston admitted to his involvement in the theft and was later transported to County Jail on the charge of grand theft.
  • ·12/6/16 at 11:30 pm, Officers responded to the 7-11 at 4901 Lone Tree Wy. for a welfare check as 25 year old Porcha Abrams had fallen asleep or was unconscious in the driver’s seat of a vehicle in the parking lot. Officers ran the VIN of the vehicle and it was found to have been stolen out of Brentwood. Abrams was arrested without incident and turned over to Brentwood PD, who responded to take over the investigation.
  • ·12/6/16 at 10:05 pm, 41 year old Mandisa Brooks entered Wal-Mart, placed items in her purse, and some items in her cart. Brooks went to a register and paid for the items in her cart, but not the items in her purse. Brooks was confronted by security at the front door of the store. When the security officer tried to get Brooks back into the store, Brooks pushed the security officer and struck the security officer in the face twice with a closed fist. Brooks was contacted by police in the parking lot and arrested without incident. The security guard was uninjured, and Brooks was transported to County Jail for robbery.
  • ·12/6/16 at 9:30 pm, 34 year old Keilani Kioa was caught shoplifting at Fallas. Kioa was arrested by police without incident and issued a citation for the theft.
  • ·12/6/16 at 4:41 pm, an anonymous neighbor called to report a burglary in progress at a home on Elkhorn Way. Three males were seen forcing entry into the home, and then removing items from the rear of the home in bags. Officers arrived on scene and the three males were all still in the back yard with bags full of stolen property. They fled upon seeing officers but were detained after running towards the water park. The victim house had forced entry and was found to contain a small marijuana grow (approx 30 plants). Indicia for one person was found in the residence, but officers were not able to contact her. The grow appeared to be legal with the necessary paperwork. Two juvenile males were arrested and booked at Juvenile Hall for burglary. 18 year old Quenzell Thomas was arrested for burglary and also had a no-bail warrant for assault with deadly weapon; he was booked at County Jail.
  • ·12/6/16 at 12:35 am, an officer saw a suspicious vehicle parked at the Fellowship Church at 4873 Lone Tree Way. 40 year old Jason Judkins was sitting in the vehicle and had a warrant for his arrest. Judkins was arrested without incident and was sent to County Jail.
  • ·12/5/16 at 7:30 pm, an officer conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a silver Saab with license plates that came back to a Honda. He contacted the driver, 22 year old Humberto Guevara, who had an outstanding warrant. Guevara was placed under arrest without incident and transported to County Jail.
  • ·12/5/16 at 4:21 pm, 24 year old Arba Sullivan was detained for shoplifting at Safeway on Deer valley Rd. He refused to identify himself to loss prevention. Once officers arrived on scene, Sullivan identified himself, revealing an outstanding warrant. Sullivan was placed under arrest without incident and transported to County Jail.
  • ·12/5/16 at 10:39 am, a resident from the 2400 block of D St. called APD to report his vehicle stolen. An officer learned that a neighbor, 22 year old Gabriel Loera, was a possible suspect, but they did not have any proof at that time. A few hours later, the victim saw Loera bring the car back and go into his house. The officer located Loera at his residence and detained him. The victim positively identified Loera and wanted him arrested. Loera was booked at County Jail for vehicle theft.
  • ·12/5/16 at 3:45 am, officers located a stolen Nissan occupied on 6th St. The Nissan immediately took off and drove onto the sidewalk on 5th St. a block away. The driver, 24 year old Crystal Coleman, fled on foot and was apprehended on the front porch of a home in the 600 block of 5th St. Coleman spontaneously stated she “did not know the truck was stolen” and “took off only because she was scared of cops.” Coleman was arrested and transported to County Jail for vehicle theft.
  • ·12/4/16 at 10:30 pm, an officer observed suspicious subjects in the parking lot at the Ramada Inn. One subject, later identified as 37 year old Kevin Pardue, was sitting on a stolen Harley Davidson motorcycle. The officer contacted the subjects and was able to give dispatch the license plate. Dispatch advised the motorcycle was stolen. He held Pardue at gunpoint until additional officers arrived to assist. Pardue stated he was working on the motorcycle, but the owner was arrested, so he held on to it. Pardue was arrested for vehicle theft and transported to County Jail.
  • ·12/4/16 at 10:00 pm, 54 year old Tarek Beskalis was located by officers after making criminal threats to a taxi driver as he was leaving Sutter Delta Hospital. The victim positively identified Beskalis at the scene. Beskalis was arrested and transported to County Jail for the threats.
  • ·12/4/16 at 5:02 pm, a juvenile suspect was observed by Loss Prevention at Fallas Discount Store in the mall concealing various clothing items in her purse. Loss prevention continued to monitor the juvenile and observed her exit the store without paying for any of the merchandise. The suspect was detained and brought back to the LP office and found to have a pepper spray canister on a lanyard around her neck. She was released to her mother with a juvenile citation.
  • ·12/4/16 at 1:07 am, an officer observed a pick-up truck tangled up in a chain link fence at the IFCO parking lot. Upon seeing the officer, 19 year old Reese Rayes fled the scene driving off-road near the Vineyard Practice Tee and surrounding fields, blacked out. There were several cars which also fled the scene. After an extensive search, we located Rayes’ vehicle abandoned. The license came back to Rayes with a Brentwood address. Brentwood PD went to the address and determined Rayes was last to drive the vehicle and provided a description. A subject matching Rayes was stopped on Main Street in Oakley. He initially lied about his name but when we checked his phone he admitted to driving. Rayes was arrested and eventually cite released for hit and run and evading. His vehicle was towed.
  • ·12/3/16 at 11:59 pm, officers were dispatched to the area of Kaiser on Sand Creek Rd and Deer Valley Rd on a report of a male sleeping behind the wheel at the stop light. Upon arrival, officers contacted 38 year old Diamond Byas who displayed obvious signs of being overly intoxicated. Byas refused to do any FST’s but agreed to blow into the PAS device. Byas’ BAC showed to be .25%. Byas was arrested for DUI without incident and later transported to County Jail for a sobering period.
  • ·12/3/16 at 3:01 am, an officer contacted 34 year old Laurence Wiley during a suspicious vehicle check at the dead end of 19th Street. Wiley initially lied about his name; however, the officer was able to figure out his true name. It was discovered that Wiley had an outstanding felony warrant. Wiley was arrested and transported to County Jail.
  • ·12/3/16 at 1:01 am, an officer observed 24 year old Robert Stalker going through a parked Jeep Cherokee in front of a home in the 2900 block of Garfield Place. Stalker walked away from the Jeep acting suspicious once he saw the police. The officer made contact with Stalker as he approached the front door to the residence. The resident advised he knew Stalker and stated Stalker had attempted to sell him a Honda Civic, which was parked in the driveway. A VIN check on the Honda showed it to be a stolen vehicle. The Jeep was determined to belong to Stalker and inside the Jeep were stolen auto parts and indicia belonging to the Honda. Stalker was arrested and transported to County Jail for vehicle theft.
  • ·12/2/16 at 9:40 pm, an officer made a vehicle enforcement stop for CVC violations on Lemontree Way and Sycamore Dr. The officer contacted 26 year old Clarence Smith who was determined to be driving on a suspended license and on searchable probation for burglary. During search of Smith’s vehicle, officers located suspected heroin. Smith was arrested and transported to County Jail on a probation violation and narcotics charges.
  • ·12/2/16 at 6:23 pm, 53 year old Stephanie Harvey came into the police department for a vehicle release. Officers were aware she had an outstanding warrant and responded to the lobby, but she had left. She was later contacted at her residence, taken into custody without incident and sent to County Jail.
  • ·12/2/16 at 4:10 am, an officer contacted 35 year old Michael Kyle at Dutch Pride Dairy at 507 E. 18th St. and found him to have a warrant for his arrest. Kyle was taken into custody without incident and booked into County Jail.
  • ·12/1/16 at 10:27 pm, an officer contacted 30 year old Wallace Stevens for a municipal code violation at 9th St. and G St. Stevens was found to have a no-cite warrant and arrested without incident. He was booked into County Jail.
  • ·12/1/16 at 9:08 pm, an officer contacted 35 year old Timara Rutland at a home in the 900 block of G St. for a trespassing complaint. She was found to have a warrant for her arrest. Rutland was released on scene on a signed promise to appear and left the area.
  • ·12/1/16 at 4:53 pm, an officer contacted 38 year old Jamie Garcia and 23 year old Christopher Anderson at East Hills Vet at 2325 Buchanan Rd. The officer was aware Garcia had been warned previously not to trespass on the property by the owner. Anderson was with Garcia and drinking an alcoholic beverage. Both were cited and released on their promise to appear.
  • ·12/1/16 at 4:02 pm, an officer conducted extra patrol at Waldie Plaza for various ATMC violations. He was able to tow two vehicles for expired registration. The officer cleared the lot of all subjects who had set up camp or were living out of their vehicles.
  • ·12/1/16 at 9:43 am, an officer contacted 23 year old Demaria Lopez who was loitering and trespassing at the Shell station at 4198 Lone Tree Wy. He was arrested and booked into County Jail. 

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