Shooting at cemetery in possible Hispanic gang rivalry, guns, stolen cars among Antioch Police calls for service for Nov. 24-30, 2016

Publisher’s Note: This is the final report from November as there wasn’t one provided for the week of Nov. 16-23. It has been requested.

Antioch Police calls for service highlights as published in City Manager Steve Duran’s Weekly Report dated December 2, 2016 and provided by Chief of Police Allan Cantando.

Calls for Service and Arrest Data Summary

Time Period: 11/24/16 00:00:00 – 11/30/16 23:59:59

Number of Calls for Service: 1,449

Number of Case Reports: 267

Number of Arrests: 55

Felony: 27

Misdemeanor: 27

Infraction: 1

Arrests with DUI charge: 2

The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.

  • ·11/30/16 at 10:55 pm, an officer contacted 45 year old Luis Flores at Lucena Wy. and Anza Ct. and found him to have a warrant for his arrest. Flores was taken into custody without incident and booked into County Jail on his warrant.
  • ·11/30/16 at 7:30 pm, officers responded to a vehicle collision at Sunset Dr. and Hillcrest Ave. When officers arrived on scene, they learned 29 year old Juan Gonzalez entered Sunset Dr. going eastbound at a high rate of speed. He was traveling in the westbound lanes into oncoming traffic and collided with a vehicle in the #1 lane, side swiping it. Gonzalez continued traveling in the wrong direction and collided head on with a second vehicle. All involved vehicles were totaled. Gonzalez tested positive for alcohol and was transported to an area hospital for complaint of pain. One of the other involved drivers was also sent to an area hospital with a complaint of pain as a result of the collision. Gonzalez was eventually cleared and sent to County Jail for felony DUI.
  • ·11/30/16 at 10:19 am, an officer saw 21 year old Clinton Wilson driving while talking on his cell phone and conducted a traffic enforcement stop on him. The officer got consent to search Wilson’s vehicle and located a .40 caliber Glock handgun in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. He also located over an ounce of marijuana, $1060 in cash and a digital scale. The gun, drugs, and cash were seized and Wilson was arrested and sent to County Jail on drug sales and weapon possession charges.
  • ·11/29/16 at 5:19 pm, an officer responded to the 99 Cent store at 2515 Somersville Rd. on a report of a stolen vehicle located there. The officer parked his patrol car in the parking stall next to the stolen vehicle. His patrol vehicle was in a position that it was not visible from anyone exiting the store because the stolen vehicle was a full size Suburban. 21 year old James Coker exited the 99 Cent Store and attempted to get into the stolen vehicle while not realizing the officer was on the other side. Coker was arrested without incident for the stolen vehicle and sent to County Jail.
  • ·11/29/16 at 8:27 am, officers responded to Antioch Produce at 1625 A St. on a report of transients sleeping next to the business. Officers made contact with 32 year old Latasha Giles who was trespassing on the property. She was arrested and sent to County Jail on a likely to continue. Officers also contacted 35 year old Evila Briones who was found to have 4 warrants for her arrest. She was also taken to County Jail on her warrants. ·11/28/16 at 11:47 pm, an officer made a traffic stop on 31 year old Travis Marquez for vehicle code violations. Marquez was found to be on felony probation and asked to step out of the vehicle for a search. Officers noticed what appeared to be a firearm at Marquez’s feet and quickly detained him in handcuffs. The firearm was recovered and determined to be a realistic replica which had the orange tip removed to make it look more realistic. Marquez was booked at County Jail for removing required markings from a replica firearm and a probation violation.
  • ·11/28/16 at 11:20 pm, officers responded to a home on Cypress St. for a report of possible trespassers at the residence. Officers contacted 46 year old James Marglin at the residence who had a warrant for his arrest. Marglin was arrested without incident and he was sent to County Jail.
  • ·11/28/16 at 12:28 pm, an officer was attempting to clear the Bonfaire parking lot when he contacted 36 year old Roshawn Hudson who had an outstanding felony arrest warrant for DUI. Hudson was arrested without incident and sent to County Jail.
  • ·11/28/16 at 2:06 am, officers contacted 32 year old Christopher Gleason who was causing a disturbance at Denny’s on Somersville Rd. Gleason is a constant problem at Denny’s and he has been warned in the past not to return or he would be arrested for trespassing. Gleason was arrested for trespassing and released on a citation.
  • ·11/27/16 at 11:15 pm, officers attempted to catch up to a reckless driver in the Sycamore corridor. Several officers were already in the area and had the vehicle contained to a few blocks. The driver, 22 year old Daniel Gutierrez, pulled over and fled on foot but was immediately apprehended. A female passenger also fled on foot and was not located. Gutierrez was uncooperative and did not give a reason for avoiding the police. Gutierrez was cited for the reckless driving and his vehicle was towed on a 30 Day hold.
  • ·11/27/16 at 5:00 pm, an officer ran a license plate of a stolen vehicle parked in the Economy Inn parking lot. He watched 23 year old Sergio Figueroa-Hernandez exit the stolen vehicle and go into a room at the motel. Once additional officers arrived, the occupants of room were contacted and detained without incident. Figueroa-Hernandez was positively identified by the original officer on scene. 24 year old Christian Zamudio-Pulido possessed shaved keys and admitted to possessing a second stolen vehicle also parked in front of the room. 30 year old Juan Lopez and 34 year old Ana Ruiz-Espinoza were found to be on probation for stolen vehicles and burglary. During a search of the room, an excess of stolen property, mail, checks, identifications and indicia to the stolen vehicle were located. Several checks were found to be in different stages of being altered, some changed to Ruiz-Espinoza’s name. All were arrested at the scene. 6 victims were positively identified; numerous others are still being tracked down.
  • ·11/27/16 at 3:40 pm, an officer was informed by one of the CSO’s working in the APD jail that 41 year old Andrew Yaar had missed his annual sex registrant appointment and was out of compliance (approximately 3 months). An officer contacted Yaar at his residence (group home on Viera Ave) to see why he missed his appointment. Yaar stated he could not get a ride to the police department, even though the group home provides transportation. Yaar was arrested without incident and transported to County Jail.
  • ·11/26/16 at 11:04 pm, an officer conducted a suspicious vehicle check at Dallas Ranch Park. He contacted 18 year old Jennifer Walters and 25 year old Brett Sargent in the vehicle. An officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from within the vehicle. Walters told the officer she had 1/8th of an ounce of marijuana in her purse and consented to a search of her vehicle. The officer located a jar with an additional ounce on the backseat floorboard. He also located over $300 in cash, individually packaged baggies of marijuana and another small baggie with approximately 1/8th of an ounce. Walters denied selling marijuana and consented to a search of her text messages; which showed numerous discussions for sales. She was placed under arrest and transported to County Jail for drug sales.
  • ·11/26/16 at 6:38 pm, officers contacted 25 year old Tiffany Duncan as the rear passenger in a vehicle during a routine traffic stop. Dispatch advised she had a warrant for her arrest. She was arrested without incident and transported to County Jail.
  • ·11/26/16 at 1:03 am, officers contacted 28 year old Michael Urrutia during a suspicious vehicle check at Wendy’s at 1809 A St. A name check on Urrutia revealed a no bail warrant for a stolen vehicle. Urrutia was arrested and transported to County Jail.
  • ·11/25/16 at 10:25 pm, officers responded to Target on a report of a theft. Officers learned that Loss Prevention attempted to stop 19 year old Malik Edwards and a 17 year old male accomplice as they attempted to exit the store with a shopping cart full of Playstations without paying for them. Edwards attempted to flee on foot leaving his friend and the cart behind, but he was tackled by uniformed Security who had staged outside the doors. He was later released on a signed promise to appear. The 17 year old was released to his guardian on a juvenile citation.  11/25/16 at 7:58 pm, officers were dispatched to the 7-11 on E.18th St on a report of a male passed out behind the wheel. Upon arrival, officers contacted 34 year old Charles Davis in the driver’s seat in the parking lot. Davis’ vehicle was running and he had open containers inside the car. Davis woke up when officers knocked on the window. He displayed objective symptoms of being under the influence and was belligerent with officers. Davis was taken into custody without incident and was taken to the APD jail for a sobering period. Davis was later released with a signed promise to appear.
  • ·11/25/16 at 2:27 pm, an unknown adult female brought a dog to Animal Control to drop off despite the fact the facility was closed. The female suspect became irate and belligerent when she was informed Animal Control was closed for the day and threw the dog over the back fence into the back of Animal Control. An Animal Control Officer and Animal Control Attendant came out to confront the suspect, and the suspect punched the ACO in the face twice. The ACO was able to use her cell phone to get a picture of the suspect and her car, but the suspect grabbed the cell phone out of her hands. A struggle ensued over the phone and the ACO was ultimately punched in the face again and the ACA was bitten on the arm by the suspect. The ACO was able to get her phone away from the suspect but was knocked to the ground by the suspect’s vehicle as she fled the scene. At this point, dispatch was notified and officers responded to Animal Control. An extensive area check was completed but the suspect was not immediately located. Later in the day, an officer was able to locate the suspect, 39 year old Jenita Davis, and arrest her on various charges to include attempted robbery and felony assault. Davis was later sent to County Jail.
  • ·11/25/16 at 7:57 am, officers conducted a pedestrian stop of 26 year old Eddie Ford on Bryan Av. at Sunset Dr. Ford was acting suspicious and trying to avoid police contact. Upon contacting Ford he became belligerent and aggressive. Ford was on probation, but did not want to be searched. Ford tried to pull away from an officer, and he was taken down to the ground. Ford kicked another officer in the leg during the incident, and he was ultimately handcuffed and arrested. Ford had a small amount of cocaine on his person and a concealed pocket knife. He was taken to County Jail for drug possession and weapons charges.
  • ·11/25/16 at 4:45 am, an officer contacted 27 year old Dillan Woods at the Ramada Inn after officers responded to the report that he was walking through the motel randomly knocking on doors. Woods was found to be under the influence of a controlled substance and taken into custody without incident. A records check showed him to be on Parole. Woods was booked into County Jail.
  • ·11/25/16 at 2:37 am, an officer contacted 29 year old Scott Zickefoose during a pedestrian stop at Mark Twain Dr. and Mokelumne Dr. He was found to have a warrant for his arrest. He was released on a signed promise to appear.
  • ·11/25/16 at 12:44 am, an officer made a traffic enforcement stop for vehicle code violations. 38 year old Shane Oroark was contacted in the driver’s seat and was found to have a no bail Ramey warrant for a parole violation. Oroark was taken into custody without incident and was transported directly to County Jail.
  • ·11/24/16 at 6:52 pm, officers contacted 25 year old, Jimario Fuller, in front of Romi’s for loitering. During a consent search of his person, officers located suspected methamphetamine. Fuller is on active probation for narcotics violations and he was sent to County Jail on drug charges. While at County Jail, deputies located additional suspected methamphetamine on his person along with approximately 20 grams of an unknown white powdery substance. Fuller was then booked into County Jail with the additional drug charges.
  • ·11/24/16 at 2:14 pm, officers were dispatched to the Holy Cross Cemetery for shots fired inside of the cemetery. A male wearing a red sweatshirt and beanie shot 4 rounds at a car that was leaving the cemetery. A witness said the suspect fled the cemetery in an older dark maroon Impala. Most of the Norteno and Sureno Highway 4 shooting victims from earlier this year are buried at this cemetery. It appears that rival gang members were most likely at the cemetery at the same time. The victims never called to report the shooting and no one ended up at the hospital.

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  1. Kthor says:

    send them all back 2 mexico !

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    For what it is worth – 60 Minutes did a piece on the roughest area in Colombia. How the streets and towns were overrun with drugs, gangs, murder, etc. What this one civilian did was amazing. I am in no way comparing Antioch to this place but it is worth watching as it turned the area around into a metropolitan city where people are no longer afraid to go. Very interesting. We’ve got to do something.

    There they were all weekend, again, panhandling. It is so disgusting. I tell them I would call police – they just shrug. They don’t care.

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