Antioch’s Lynn House Gallery’s new exhibit focuses on transportation

transportation-photosTraveling to and from East Contra Costa County is getting easier every day.  Highway 4 is one of the most congested roadways in the nation and the Highway 4 projects are adding significant capacity to the corridor by adding two additional travel lanes in each direction, including a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane for carpools and buses. In addition, the median of the reconstructed highway will be wide enough to accommodate the upcoming extended BART services from the current terminus at Pittsburg/Bay Point to a new station at Hillcrest Avenue in Antioch.

Our East County Artists will be showcasing transportation in the upcoming art exhibit at the Lynn House Art Gallery from November 19th – December 10th. The exhibit is entitled “Planes, Trains, Automobiles and More!” and will feature transportation in every mode. From high capacity transportation (trains/planes) to solo occupancy (walking, roller skating) transportation in every form will be celebrated.
The artists who exhibit their work at the Lynn House Gallery are very supportive of each other and have developed personal and professional friendships. For this exhibit, we’re had a new type of judging. Each artist received a ballot and they decided the winners (except for Honorable Mention). At the artist reception and/or during the open exhibit, participating artists will complete a ballot and leave it with the docent. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the exhibit based on votes. Artists cannot vote for themselves. Awards are: 1st Place $100; 2nd Place $70; 3rd Place $50, Best of Show $150 and Honorable Mention $30.

The following artists are participating: Adele Boyer, Anna Chunn, Angela Simms, Becky Decierto, Betty Espindola, Beverly C. Turner, Beverly Knight, Beverly Prather Martinez, Cathy Hanson, Charles J. Fox Jr., Clyde Cox, Danny Grace, Easy Gonzalez, Ellen LaVaccare, FROgard Butler, Jerome Gibson, Joel Summerhill, John Tullis, Julia Offord, Julia Starr, Ken Tomlin, Kevin Ashton, Laurie DiMaggio, Marcos Palma, Mark Garcia, Michael Pohl, Michele Eakin, Mike Oria, Nancy Roberts, Paul Schorr, Peter Ruegg, Prudence Capelle, Robin Ruport, Rodney Lal, Ron Kronewitter, Ruth McMillin, Sandra Hart, Sharon Petersen, Thomas Seabury and Trudy Couch. For a current list, please visit

The Lynn House Gallery is located in downtown Antioch across from the Amtrak Station, 809 West 1st Street and is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1-4 PM during exhibits.

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