County Elections office still has about a third of the ballots left to count from Tuesday night

By Allen Payton

According to County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters Joe Canciamilla, there are still about 180,000 ballots to be counted in the county. As of the update Wednesday morning at 1:03 AM on the County Elections website, there were 305,123 ballots that were counted. That means about one-third of the ballots cast in Tuesday’s elections have yet to be counted.

“We have approximately 150,000 ballots in house and are expecting more as we pick up the boxes from the City Clerks, and from the mail-in ballots that can be received until Monday,” Canciamilla responded. “I would estimate that we will ultimately have around 180,000 in total.”

“We are having extra crews in today and tomorrow to process as much of the vote-by-mail that we can and hope to have two updates of the results, tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon,” he continued. “The balance of the ballots will not be completed until next week as we will have to process all of the regular ballots and update our records before we can finish with the provisionals.”

A provisional ballot is one that is turned in at the polls by a voter not voting in their assigned precinct. Those ballots get counted last.

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3 Comments to “County Elections office still has about a third of the ballots left to count from Tuesday night”

  1. XXX says:

    Maybe this will change the outcomes of all the decisions the voters got wrong!!

    • Daniel says:

      Voting is not a test.

      Citizens need to stay involve and move this great city forward.

      • XXX says:

        My comment was tongue-in-cheek. This town WAS great and it is a screwed up mess that is for certain. I call when I see things going on in the town, my neighborhood (and believe me, there has been plenty of activity there), etc. This is a direct result of those that vacated other cities that got too expensive and violent. They chose Antioch. We inherited a brand of citizen, criminal, etc. that we have never seen the likes of. Total disregard. The police are trying to stay ahead of it. It is almost too much for anyone who has to deal with it. The panhandlers alone run this town.

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