Wright continues to lead in fundraising, spending in Antioch Mayor’s race

But, help from Realtors has made Ogorchock’s campaign financially competitive

By Allen Payton

Antioch chiropractor and Chamber of Commerce CEO, Dr. Sean Wright continues to lead in finances in the race for Mayor of Antioch, having raised more in total contributions than his two remaining rivals combined. His latest campaign finance report, known as a 460 form and was due with all other candidates’ reports, on Thursday, October 27, shows $14,225 raised for the reporting period which ended on the October 22nd. That brings Wright’s total amount raised to $38,615 in cash contributions for the campaign. Add in the $6,888 in non-monetary contributions his campaign has received and his total contributions are $45,503.

Wright’s latest large contributions include $4,500 from Somersville Towne Center; $2,500 from the Associated Builders and Contractors of Northern California and $1,000 each from Lincoln Club of Northern California and Balfour Properties LLC in Danville; $750 from Giacalone Design Services in Pleasanton; another $600 from Antioch-based consultant Iris Archuleta, bringing her total to $1,000 she’s contributed to his campaign; and $500 each from Build Jobs PAC, DK Consluting in Walnut Creek and Richland Investments LLC, the owner and developer of The Ranch project in Antioch’s Sand Creek focus area.

He spent $7,758 during the period and his largest expenditures were $4,500 to Praetorian Public Relations for Google ads and a production of a video for Facebook; $2,558 also to Praetorian for political consulting, and more ads on Google and Facebook; as well as $700 to the Herald for advertising. That brings his total expenditures that he reported to $34,013. However, since the end of the reporting period Wright’s campaign also spent $2,500 for a four-page advertising wrap in the November issue of the Herald bringing his total to at least $36,513.

Wright had an ending cash balance of $11,409 on his latest report.


Antioch Mayor Wade Harper received a total of $4,250 in monetary contributions during the reporting period and a total of $12,400, this year, for his re-election campaign. However, he formed his campaign committee in 2015 and received $10,075 and spent $9,089.11 last year.

In addition, Harper reported a large contribution on a required form 497 of $1,000 from the Iron Workers Union Local #378, that wasn’t included in his latest form 460 report. So that brings his total to $23,475 total in contributions received for the campaign, putting him in a distant second place.

Harper’s largest contributions for the period were $1,000 each from the District Council of Iron Workers Political Action League and Republic Services; $750 from Contra Costa United Working Families; and $500 each from Richland Investments, LLC, the owners and developers of The Ranch project in the Sand Creek area, Plumbing Industry Consumer Protection Fund United Association Local No. 159, and the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council.

Harper spent $7,326.27 during the reporting period, for a total of $12,032.38 this year. He’s spent a total of $21,121.49 during the campaign, including $5,000 to J.B. Services in Martinez for campaign literature, and $1,120 to the City of Antioch for the fine imposed by the City Clerk’s office for filing his some of his form 497’s late, during the latest period.

He had an ending cash balance of $1,467.51


Mayor Pro Tem Lori Ogorchock was close behind Wright, raising $12,145 during the reporting period, bringing her total monetary contributions to $20,135 for the campaign, putting her in a close third place behind Harper. She spent $3,406 during the period and a total of $9,844 on her campaign.

However, Ogorchock received a large boost from independent expenditures by the National Association of Realtors of $23,504 mailers and online advertising. That’s in addition to the $5,000 contribution she received from the California Association of Realtors’ (CAR) California Real Estate Political Action Committee.

That brings the total amount spent by and for her campaign to $32,594.24 as of the end of the period.

Most of Ogorchock’s contributions were also from within Antioch. The largest contributions for the latest period include the $5,000 from the CAR PAC; $4,500 from Somersville Towne Center; and $1,000 from Antioch residents Pat and Nora Von Ubin bringing their total to $1,100 contributed to her campaign; and $500 from MM&A, Inc. the owners of IHOP restaurant in Pittsburg.

Ogorchock’s largest expenditures for the period included $1,050 to the Bay Area News Group for newspaper advertising, $900 to Plates Eclectic Cuisine restaurant for a fundraiser, and $770 to Little Owl Design. She had an ending cash balance of $10,291.


Former candidate Gil Murillo, who suspended his campaign in October to support Wright, shows $538.55 in total contributions for the latest period, all from himself, bringing his total contributions to his campaign to $2,557.41. He spent a total of $408.55 for the period in small amounts of less then $200 each to Facebook, Staples and Smart & Final. That brings his total expenditures to $2,327.41 for the campaign.

In an email received from Antioch City Clerk Arne Simonsen on Friday afternoon, November 4, regarding Murillo’s most recent finance report, he wrote, “This is a late filing. I have attached the envelope that contained his Form 460. I will be assessing the appropriate fine for a late filing.” The envelope shows a postmark of November 2,

The fine is $10 per day per report, Simonsen added. He also pointed out the Murillo will have to submit an amended 460 report because it doesn’t show any year-to-date totals.

Please see below the latest financial reports for each of the candidates for Mayor of Antioch in next Tuesday’s November election, and a copy of the envelope that contained Murillo’s report, showing the postmark after the deadline date of October 27th.





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